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 Is Television Benrficial to the Believer?

 2013/9/4 8:25

 Re: Is Television Benrficial to the Beljever?

Can you be more specific. The television is neither evil nor good, because it is a piece of hardware. Much like the computer you are using right now.

 2013/9/4 8:28

 Re: Is Television Benrficial to the Beljever?

I don't have one. And I love it, such a waste of our valuable time, spend the time reading God's word instead. Finally, brothers what ever is noble, whatever is admirable if anything is excellent or praise worthy think about such things Phil 4:8 I will set before my eyes no vile thing Ps 101:3
Maybe The Lord is requireing of you a closer walk. I haven't had a tv for years I find when I go into other peoples houses and the tv is on I can't stand the sound and amazed at what I hear, you will love it, try it for a week read instead you'll start to in joy the quiet sound and the excitment of what God shows you in his word.

 2013/9/12 15:45

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Bearmaster asks-

Is Television Benrficial to the Beljever? (sic)

The question does not actually allow for an accurate answer.

The answer entirely depends upon what television a person is watching.

In the past I have had SkyAngel receivers that had many programs that were Christ edifying all day long. I was often challenged and grew spiritually watching those. I could sometimes see a Keith Green video, a Ravenhill preaching video, and myriads of other things related to the Christian life. Some were great and ones I grew from... and others not so much. It depended on what it was!

Another thing to consider is that much television can be positively education but not necessarily "spiritual". There is certainly nothing wrong with that. For example - Animal Planet aired a marvelous series last year called "Wild Russia". It is a six-episode series of documentaries about the wilderness in Russia. About 12 total hours of unbelievable information, breath taking cinematography, and knowledge. I learned more about the unique and specific Russian geographic areas and their local wildlife than I had my entire life... and I was pretty well versed as it is something I have actually studied. To then have close up filming of those areas and wildlife was marvelous! It broke Russia into the 6 very specific and vastly different geographic regions. As much solid educational information as a semester college course. Was it something that moved me closer to Christ... no.... not really except maybe an even deeper appreciation for His creation. Not only was this not "wrong"... it had some very positive benefits! 17 short (1-2 minute) clips from the various regions can be seen at if anyone is interested.

I have had the same experience watching various Food Network and Cooking Channel shows with my wife. We both enjoy cooking from scratch and do so together quiet often. We have found many ideas, thoughts, techniques, and recipes on those shows. We then try them together. Was it a "get closer to God" television However, it gave me ways to spend enjoyable times of family building in the kitchen with my wife and children. That is a VERY POSITIVE thing..especially in todays world! When my 16 year old daughter asks to spend time with her old man and have him help her learn some new recipes and cooking techniques that is priceless gold. That is a fringe benefit that those television programs helped make happen. Those programs have helped make that happen so it is very profitable.

So... in answer to your question bearmaster -
Is Television Benrficial to the Beljever? (sic)

The answer is that yes, it can at times definitely help one spiritually. There are other times that it can be educational and help you grow mentally and emotionally. It may also help you grow relationally with others or give you tools to help those connections and growth with others happen.

Without question there is much of television that is trash and garbage as well. I simply do not watch that. Simple enough isn't it?

Does television help me grow... it can. But that question is not an honest one in terms of the answer it invokes. Let me present it to you this way and perhaps you will better understand how this works...

Does reading books edify the believer or move them closer to Christ?
The answer depends entirely upon what book is being read does it not?

You can read the Bible, great sermons, the great classics, your textbook for Spanish class, a trigonometry text book, US History books, cookbooks, autobiographies, pornographically explicit books about sexual deviation, the satanic bible, or playboy magazine.

The answer to whether reading books helps you spiritually entirely depends upon which of those books you read. I am sure you understand that.

Watching television is exactly the same... whether it is beneficial, neutral, or negative in its effect upon us depends entirely upon what we are watching.

There is no one size fits all answer to this question.

 2013/9/12 17:42Profile

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