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 Obama Courts the "MAVERICK"

You know what's interesting about Obama who is determined to insert himself into Syria's internal siege? Isn't October of this year supposed to be the return of the 12th Iman? And the 12th Iman will not return until his enemies are vanquished?

We know that Syria has Allies in Russian (the Bear to the north) and the Kings of the East, China and Iran so if Obama attacks Syria he is really stirring up the "hornet's nest".

I think his reasons to bomb Syria are other than what he is saying. He will bring nations down upon Israel by attacking Syria and that just might be the motive. Israel is busily scrounging around for enough gas masks because they believe through Obama's actions they will be attacked.

Why is Obama supporting terrorists who are actively trying to bring down Syria? The liberal news media has framed it as a civil war, but it is anything but. Mercenaries are shipped in from Iran, Afghanistan, Palestine, Libya, etc, etc. What kind of civil war is that?

Will America be responsible for precipitating action against forces from the North and the East?

Ezekiel 38-39.

America's pretext is that 1400+ people were gassed but now news is coming out that the whole thing has been staged.

Very interesting, is it not? Keep the 12 Imam coming back in mind and also that he is will not return until Islam's enemies are vanquished.

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 Re: Obama Courts the "MAVERICK"

"Because they did not love the truth, God sent strong delusion that they would believe the lie."

If the current president goes ahead with an attack on Syria, all bets are off. It appears Iran, China, and Russia are eager to take this provocation to launch a fierce demonstration of Hell.

Current Prez holds our military under a heavy thumb in Afghanistan, his rules of engagement forbid that troops fire on weapon-holding enemies until they are actually fired upon. To fire on Syria is in violation of his own rules!

In a recent incident the specifics of which I am not at liberty to disclose, two Taliban fighters were positioned just outside an American base. They were unarmed, except for their cameras, binoculars, and notebooks. Anyone with an IQ in positive numbers could know that they were gathering data on the movements and schedules of the ISAF personnel.

This was especially disconcerting to the non-military contractors, some very brave and committed people who are there, not bound by the military regs.

After being denied authority to be able to just kill them which is what one would do in a normal war, these guys slipped out of the compound and went to where the spies were set up and began pelting them with rocks!

Gone. Problem solved. There would certainly be arrests for some trumped up charges if the identities of the men were known...

I sure hope this prez does not attack Syria, we are not conditioned to fight the way we might need to fight. This has disaster painted all over it.

I still maintain that attacking Syria would be tantamount to sticking a pin into a balloon and expecting the air to then seep out slowly.

Tom Cameron

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