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 Any Jew living in America is NOT "home".

I guess I always KNEW that, as a Jew, even one who knows Messiah, is not "home" in America.

I always KNEW what happened in Germany, could happen here.

but just about 20 minutes ago, my world was rocked when I started to read some of the America intel communities budget, on the Washington Post....and I read this line:.....this is a quote from actual documents:

"Among other details, the report discusses the recent resurgence of the CIA and the intelligence community’s new focus on “offensive cyber operations.” It also includes this striking detail:

Pakistan is described in detail as an “intractable target,” and counterintelligence operations “are strategically focused against [the] priority targets of China, Russia, Iran, Cuba and Israel.”

imagine that.....Israel is on the same "strategic...priority target(s)" list as....Russia, china......Cuba....... Iran.....AND Israel.

I been feeling something very very wrong for months now.....been doubling down in prayer, driven to a weeping ministry you would NOT believe....KNOWING in my spirit, SOMETHING is amiss.......and please, if anybody responds, "Heaven is our home"....let me ignore you now, because you have no idea what you speak of.

we sat back in 2003, when the lies flew forth, and we waged hell in this guy, is intent on killing people in Syria....BASED ON LIES.....and I read, that the very intel community I served, AS A TEENAGER, regards my Israel as a "priority target"..

God gave me a beautiful ranch in the Upper Midwest, and I am seriously contemplating exercising my right as Jew to the "Law of Return"...I will not leave my son behind though.

I am so devastated right now....I really don't believe anybody here has an idea what it means to be a Jew who follows Jesus....and lives in Diaspora.....especially a nation that is two steps away from becoming a police state.

Death has no grip on holds no fear, but if i'm going to die for being a Jew...I would rather be gripping a battle rifle in Israel, than in some DHS line in Minnesota.

broken hearted, neil

 2013/8/29 19:58

 Re: Any Jew living in America is NOT "home".

The Law of Return

 2013/8/29 20:06

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 Re: Any Jew living in America is NOT "home".

The Holy New Jerusalem will be seated on Mount Zion. The Devil and his devices will not prevail and his seed and their fruit as murderers and liers will be done away with but there will a profound shifting for the Jew and the Christian, the likes of which most of us cannot now grasp. We will learn what it means to have none in Heaven but Christ. We will see again and again that except for the grace of God we would surely perish. We will learn the true meaning of the Bread and the Cup. Gamesmanship will cease because reality must be reckoned with.

 2013/8/29 20:42Profile

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