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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Presbyterian Church (USA) drops In Christ Alone from hymnal

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 Presbyterian Church (USA) drops In Christ Alone from hymnal

An extraordinary dispute has arisen over a lyric contained one of the most beloved contemporary Christian hymns of the modern-day Church, "In Christ Alone".

According to Bob Smietana of USA Today, the committee putting together a new hymnal for the Presbyterian Church (USA) dropped the popular hymn because the song's authors refused to change a phrase about the wrath of God.
He said that the original lyrics say that "on that cross, as Jesus died, the wrath of God was satisfied."

The Presbyterian Committee on Congregational Song wanted to substitute the words, "the love of God was magnified." ...

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 Re: Presbyterian Church (USA) drops In Christ Alone from hymnal

What amazes me is why anyone even goes to a Presbyterian Church anymore? What do they find there? Is there any denomination that has taken a longer slide to apostasy than this one? Can anybody claim more mission outreach with the gospel around the world, a stronger sanctuary of the holiness of God, a better champion of the cause of human liberty than the American Presbyterian Church that so strongly supported the American founding fathers and eventually took this young boy and taught him to be a man of Christ?

And now it lies in ruins. OK, maybe the buildings are nice and up to code, with contemporary architecture signed off by notables in the field- but inside doctrines and policy??

They have embraced homosexuality, dismissed the bible as a mere “significant historical witness” (gag!) and fallen in love with everything the world puts up to diminish Jesus Christ. They are inclusive, tolerant, forgiving, apologizing, pandering- and now outraged that the words “God” and “wrath” are used in the same sentence.

Yes, it sticks in my craw a bit, having been raised by my Presbyterian parents and Presbyterian grandparents. My own Mom and Dad were nearly led off into spiritual death in this church, thanks be to the Father for His intervention. I have not been inside a Presbyterian Church in many years.

Somebody please tell me they know of a Presbyterian church with a male pastor who loves God and preaches a gospel of repentance and salvation.

And I will then be so much more than happy to disavow this rant and ask for forgiveness.

In the meantime, I agree with God that while I was yet in sin He had every right and a governing obligation to hate me as a child of wrath. My thanks to some of the very wise posters here on Sermon Index for some refreshment on this very idea that God’s love for His Son obligates Him to hate those who oppose Him.

The song lyrics “In Christ Alone” do not offend me.

Tom Cameron

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