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Those of you who follow news on nigeria will surely be aware that academic activities in nigerian universities has been on hold for about a month now due to industrial action by the Academic staff union. This has been a regular occurrence in Nigeria. The hands of satan is not far from this. The higher institutions of learning in Nigeria is so strategic at this point. I'm involve with a couple of ministries that has so much to do with campuses across the nation, and i can tell u God is doing a great work, and this is what the devil is fighting. The "strike" has delayed so much of our work already.
Apart from affecting the work of our ministry, the strike is drawing our nation so backward, and lowers the standard of our education. Those who are richer prefer to send their children abroad, mainly to the west. With the fall in morallity in those countries (pls i do not intend to demean the western nations). It is very risky for the future of christianity in my country: a larger percentage of the population is uneducated, and what ever those who are educated tells them is accepted without question. Their effect is already being felt, as we see such a geometric rise in "libral christianity". You and i know the effect of trans-national education during the french revolution, and i perceive that's the strategy satan is using again. I know that internet and the media are playing their own role, but that could be checked. Just to site an example, i just heard my cousin who went to Malaysia on scholarship to study, just returned back as a Hindu. That is what i mean. An attempt to islamize Nigeria by offering to sponsor youths from the south to study in moslem country on scholarship will be the next avenue satan may exploit. If our academic system is okey it will reduce things like this. If there's somebody who will join me in prayer, i'll be grateful.
Val, university of Port Harcourt. Nigeria

 2013/8/13 10:41

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