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 Re: Ginny

Sister precisely the point I am raising. Greg posted on another thread that those in restricted nations will pay any price to own a Bible. But herein lies the difference. Those in other nations will read it. We in America have Bibles galore. But we are not reading them. And obeying them. How can we obey God if we do not pick up the word to read or listen to it.

Somreone posted in this forum about the popularity of The Shack. This book for a time was more pupular than the New Testament. Someone forgot to tell the persecuted that as they ask first for prayer and then for Bibles.

Should we be put in prison what will be the book that will comfort us? Well, it ain't portions from The Shack or Cakvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion that appear on scraps of paper to encourage precious saints imprisoned in Eritrea.

Even in your own Mennonite tradition the Anabaptist were put to death because of their love for the Word. And we see the same thing happening in other parts of the worlds even today.


 2013/8/13 9:49

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This topic really confuses me I will admit. I don't think I understand what you are trying to share. Our walk, our relationship is with CHRIST HIMSELF. We have the HOLY SPIRIT within us so if someone asked for my Bible I would give it to them knowing there was a possibility they might read it and come to know JESUS. I am thankful for being able to read the Bible but I love the LORD JESUS with all my heart.I don't see the Bible as being equally as important as knowing JESUS HIMSELF??? It's about relationship.

I will continue to read through the things shared and pray upon these things.

God bless

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 This thread is really about Devotion

Bearmaster, man I really like you. A lot of what you post seems to be stuff that I have been thinking about for a long, long time. Thanks. Correct me if I am wrong about what I think your saying, brother.

I believe that this is more about devotion than anything else. Most people who claim to be Christians are going to say "Yes! I would give me life." However, they don't take up their crosses daily and follow Christ. If they can't lay down their lives when it is good, how would they EVER lay down their lives when things are going bad?

MaryJane--Of course our relationship with Jesus Christ is the focal point of our faith and not The Scriptures. The scriptures didn't die on the cross for us. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that they are unimportant. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. It should be something that is precious to us. However, eternal life is found in Jesus Christ. The pharisees believed that in the scriptures was eternal life, but Jesus said clearly that it was in Him. I don't think that Bearmaster is saying that the scriptures are more important than Christ. I don't think he was even hinting at that.

The scriptures should be precious to us. They should be very, very precious to us. "How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey in my mouth." "Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path." "Sanctify them by your truth. Your word is truth." Again, precious to us.

In my church, there is a lack of love for the word of God. I strive and pursue to teach them the word, teach them to teach their children, and teach them to teach others. However, it is difficult, because I, myself, still do not treasure the word as I ought to.

Truthfully, I think there are 2 main reasons that this is an issue. 1) Many really don't know the Lord. 2) We who do know the Lord, do not seek boldness to proclaim the truth, no matter the cost. I am included in that.

There would be persecution in the USA if people would stand up for the truth and live godly lives in Christ Jesus.

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You got the point...

The point also is that many in history past died because they possessed the written WORD. The question Blaine raised was would we be willing to die for the privilege of owning a copy. Make sense? Coming from a Catholic background you may not be aware how the Catholic and later the Lutheran/Reformed church oppressed other Believers to the point of killing them because they disagreed with them. Ownership of the written word fueled this opposition. If you want to control people, keep them ignorant!

(Who knows? maybe one of your ancestors killed one of mine - although I do not know if any of my ancestors were killed for their faith. But who cares?)

Still, one's walk with the LORD is not dependent on owning the written WORD. Since we do not know how much longer we will have our copies we do well to study it well now.

Richard Wurmbrand has a wonderful testimony of his walk with the LORD while in solitary confinement. Ever read it? If you want to be challenged, read it! I sure hope to God we will never have to experience the tortures he did! But he remained faithful, and how was that accomplished? Take a read...

God bless...

Sandra Miller

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 Re: This thread is really about Devotion

Havok you articulated what I am trying to say beautifully.


 2013/8/13 15:47

 Re: Ginny

Sister you answered MaryJane far better than I could.

Bear or Blaine

 2013/8/13 15:49

 Re: Retitled Thread

I have retitled this thread to clarify the OP. Let me state up front that our relationship is with the Living Word. And the Living Word is Jesus Himself. This thread is not about bibliotry or worshipping the Bible.

However you can never, I say again "never" "never" separrate the Living Word of Jesus Christ from His written word. Jesus never did this. In John 8:31 Jesus told those who believed in Him that if they continued in His word they would know the truth that would set them free. Then He says in John 8:36 that if the Son makes you free you will be free indeed. Thus the Son who is the Living Word is never separated and linked to the living word of Scriptures.

Can one grow without possessing or owning a Bible. Yes, but with challenges. We read of those in persecuted lands who recieve Christ. But they grow with only parts if the Bible. Maybe fragments of it gently torn and passed around from saint to saint. Often the pastors in the underground church in restricted nations will not have access to a Bible. Thus when a persecuted believer gets a Bible it becomes their most cherished possession. There are precious Chinese saints in their 80's who have never owned a Bible. They have followed Christ for decades. When one of those dear saints gets a Bible tears of joy come to their eyes. This is how the persecuted view their Bibles.

One only wonders how we in the west value our Bibles?


 2013/8/13 16:13

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 Re: Would We Risk Death to Own a Bible?

I'm not sure if a question like this should be asked or answered. No one knows for sure what they would do in that type of circumstance. These sort of questions only serve to either bring about fear or cause us to be suspect of another believer's committment to Christ.

Let's all pray for each other that we will all have the strength to stand if we are ever put to such a test.


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 Re: Doseth

Brother I beg to respectfully differ. We must ask ourselves this hard question. With believers in nations such as N. Korea, China, Eritrea, or any other restricted nation believers already have settled in their minds to risk imprisonment or even death to own a copy of Scriptures.

In view of this should we not ask ourselves the question to what extent do we value our Bibles. We who have access to the written word that the persecuted do not have. Yet we extern our Bibles so little.

If we can not or will not ask ourselves this hard question. Then what was the sacrifice of William Tybdale all about?


 2013/8/13 17:24

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Those who believe will indeed have the strength to stand.

"He who endures to the end shall be saved" --Jesus

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