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The media plays a significant role during war. The propaganda they promote may determine the out come of the war. So sometimes they spread a false propaganda, and at other time they may over blow the news of a supposed "victory" out of proportion, so as to frighten and weaken their opponent to give up altogether. The Devil fight in much the same way, he spreads his propaganda, and tries to afrighten God's people, and depress God's elijahs even though there are yet 7000 who have not bow to baal.
With reference to the acceptance of sodomy among many christian organisations, i write to inform us that satan is right now using this strategy of over blown propaganda. There are now many notable christian organisation giving into this wickedness, and how fast the news fly, threatening unstable soul to doubt if they're fighting on the right side. I feel i must caution believers to be careful how they help satan spread his propaganda and make it look so popular and intimidating. Let us take to praying more about these issues than talking about them. In some case i think it's best we turn deaf ears to the news. I caution that much posting about one denomination or the other giving in to this scandal of homosexuality should be limited. They should not enjoy publicity through us. Let us concern our self with the true church, the mere fact that a denomination even debate whether they should accept homosexuals or not is enough prove that they are already apostate. And if u have anything to do with them, u must cut off immediatly. We must choose the path of unintimidated ignorance. When missionaries came into africa, they entered some of the "evil forest" that the natives themselves were afraid to enter, simply because they didn't know anything about the forest. They treated it like every other forest, cut the trees and built churches. In much the same way let us treat this issue. An overt consciousness of its pressence (which all this propaganda is trying to spread) will only cause an unnecessary caution and even cowardice in dealing a blow at this depravity of homosexuality, we become careful not to hurt some people, and we thus suffer a greater consequence.
Having said that, may i announce that i have good news for brethren in america. I was interceding for USA, and England, my heart was much broken by many discouraging news i've read. But i was much consoled when the Spirit of God laid this on my heart: "the tears of my faithful few in USA is ever before my altar, and I'll move on their behalf". This gave me so much peace and joy. No doubt her wickedness and backsliding will be judged terribly, but there's yet hope for america. Belove, don't give up the fight for revival and reformation.

 2013/7/23 7:56


Brother though your prayers for America are appreciated, it is TOO LATE for tbis nation. Or shall I say the church in this nation. I believe that we have crossed the point of no reurn and God has given the church in America over to her enemies.

Yet this may be God's design to call forth a revived remnant out of the old wine skin of American evangelicalism. Judgement and persecution may have to come before we see any semblance of revival.that will refect a holy bride.

But gone are the days of the great awakenings and Jesus movements. We have been warned by men such as Wilkerson and Ravenhill. We have ignored those warnings. Now we must pay the price.

My thoughts.


 2013/7/23 8:46

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Thank you, Iyke.

Yes, there is yet hope for america. Agreed: Beloved, don't give up the fight for revival and reformation.

Do battle in earnest prayer with the God of all grace. Stand as you can in wisdom and grace for truth and righteousness. The weapons of our spiritual warfare are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds of wickedness (2Co 10:4).

Almighty God triumphs in the end. His kingdom is coming and will have no end.

I would have fainted unless I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. (Psalm 27:13). Please keep going. Let's not faint but believe.

May blessings abound to the bearmaster.

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