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 Skilled In WOOD!

Hi All,
I put this poem in the scripture and doctrine section because i think its more scriptural than devotional,Staff


The word came down to claim his crown,
He lived among a hebrew town ,
Skilled in WOOD his fathers work
The word walked and talked and spoke
of love .

The ARK was given to save the race,
in him shall not perish but have eternal grace
He preached,he healed and passed the test
of the spotless lamb for the passover fest,
Skilled in wood

The word was brought before earths kings,
Asked by one to do great things,
The great thing done
He burdened a TREE
To buy me out of slavery
Killed on wood

The Logos was carved on TIMBER thin,
to record and guide and bless his kin
To Patriarchs,Prophets,Kings and Law came
The Twelve Apostles and what they saw
Skilled in wood

The word arose to heavens applause,
to send a helper to aid the cause,
The rhema jumps out of the LUMBER now
He stands to attention and takes a bow
Skilled in wood

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 Re: Skilled In WOOD!

Did you write this? If you did, I really enjoy your poetry, keep using the gift that God has given you for His glory.

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Joined: 2007/2/8
Posts: 1901


hi ArthurRush,
Thankyou for the encouragement.Yes I wrote it but just felt the Holy Spirit arranged the poem personally.Never had any interest or talent in writing Poetry up until a 3months ago and my sister prayed that I would be like David when I told her I never liked reading the "The Psalms".
I never thought much of it until I had one line in my head for ages and put it down on paper.I wrote a song but as I have no clue about music its stuck at the lyrics stage.
Anyway I look at the Poem "skilled in wood" and know I didnt do it myself,so to God the Glory!Total!
Yours Staff

 2013/7/23 18:40Profile

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