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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Kirk Cameron: YouTube Blocks ‘Unstoppable,’ Labels as ‘Spam, Scam, Deceptive’

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 Kirk Cameron: YouTube Blocks ‘Unstoppable,’ Labels as ‘Spam, Scam, Deceptive’

Charisma News reported earlier Friday that Kirk Cameron’s new film Unstoppable encountered adversity Thursday when Facebook apparently blocked all posts that promote the film. Now YouTube is reportedly censoring the movie.

In a new post on his Facebook page Friday afternoon, the Christian actor and producer thanked his fans for their support.
“Victory!! Friends, you did it! People tried to stop Unstoppable on Facebook, and because millions of us joined together as one voice, Facebook has apologized and welcomed us back,” he wrote.

Cameron said his supporters demonstrated to the press “that the communities of faith, hope, and love are, well … unstoppable.” ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Kirk Cameron: YouTube Blocks ‘Unstoppable,’ Labels as ‘Spam, Scam, Deceptive’

this is now to be expected in the later days , christanity will be censored ,,,,it may be worth watching ,,this is good feed back realy

blessings greg

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I wonder what other video's have youtube and Facebook banned and how they compare to this video? What videos have not been banned and probably should be?


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 Re: Kirk Cameron: YouTube Blocks ‘Unstoppable,’ Labels as ‘Spam, Scam, Deceptive’

plus......facebook in its agenda, unwittingly gave Kirk large amounts of free publicity.

the devil always oversteps,overplays his hand. always.

 2013/7/21 16:09

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