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just in I think you find that it is a different word with a different meaning ,,and it changes the contextual flow of the verses to say that the desire to be rich ,is the same as to love money

it is obvious that cars shares ect are not evil in them self,I don't think you bait any one to argue that they are ,,

I think the early Christians would have been familiar with the statement from paul ,, the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil ,and some would have convinced them selves that they do not love money ,many people are doing this to day ,,but when a statement says that just desiring to be rich , or seeking to be rich ,or perusing riches seems to be much harder to denie,,because ones actions are normally involved ,,,,,,,im not after any amens by the way brother

I think the prosperity gospel is a wicked message ,it contradicts what Christ taught by saying , you can want or desire to be rich and wealthy as long as you don't love money it is a subtle deception by Satan to twist the word of god it is nothing short of an abomination

but im not saying a Christian cant be rich ,,,maby your mistaking what I was saying Just in


 2013/7/19 2:33Profile



I agree that the prosperity gospel is a false gospel and false gospels are wicked.

 2013/7/19 7:25

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