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 Striving to be Rich and on Top?

Again, this thread is opened up for healthy discussion among the SI members.

How many of you think Christians should be rich? Even if it is not about having bucket loads of money in the bank account, should Christians be the best in things that they do?

For instance, best employee in the company, top selling real estate agent, best financial advisor or whatever you name it.

Even we don't strive to be rich, I truly think we shall be on top on things that we do so that we can glorify the Lord's name.

What do you think?

David Kendrick

 2013/7/16 23:02Profile

 Re: Striving to be Rich and on Top?

The Spirit of God say that "whatever we do we are to do heartily as unto the Lord and not to man".

After that, you pray for grace to accept His will in your life.

It may come with great material abundance and might not, but in either case you need His grace.

 2013/7/17 0:03

Joined: 2011/8/20
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 Re: Striving to be Rich and on Top?

Very good question. A Christian is called to be beyond reproach. It really pains and grieves my heart when my boss finds mistakes with my job that I could have avoided if I have showed little more care. But by God's grace such things rarely happen in my workplace, not that I always give my best, but I have this desire to give best and I believe God respects that.

For instance, best employee in the company, top selling real estate agent, best financial advisor or whatever you name it.

There is nothing wrong in Christian being the best. But he should not strive to be called the best. A Christian should not have competitive spirit that worldly Christians have. The fact that we have competitive spirit shows that we work for human masters and not for heavenly masters (Col 3-23).

It used to bother me before when I do not get good appraisal. I once won a major project for my company. I thought I will get the highest rating but I got the lowest rating that I have got in all my career. It was not lowest possible rating but low by the standard I set. I was depressed and I wrote a harsh email to my management stating that they have not credited me enough.

But those are the times when I was not strong in faith. I now know that my reward is from Jesus and not from Management. God is my appraiser. He knows how much salary I should get and when I needs to be promoted. It is my prayer that neither getting the highest nor the lowest appraisal should ever bother me.

Our Job, Salary, Business or Bank Balance should never take the place of Jesus in our heart.

I hope this answers your question.


 2013/7/17 1:52Profile

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 Re: Striving to be Rich and on Top?

I agree with with just-in and spree, I think just by striving toward excellence you can not help but get ahead, however that may not translate into money, position or whatever. I do believe it will benefit us as individuals and place us in a position to minister to those around us.

Never forget what a dear sister in Christ told me once, she said, "God does not care how much money you have in your check book as long as He can write a check for as much as he needs and when ever He needs it". I have always liked that, it's not an easy road to walk to be sure, but there have been times when I have been the recipient of the obedience of others, a word spoken, a gift of helps, a prayers...and so on...

And I know that I addressed 2 kinda different things, but it is sometimes tough because our human nature wants to place a value on things and money and position seem to be the plumbline we use, I have always believed that some day when I get to heaven I will find out that it was the weakest and poorest among us that had the most powerful effects in the world.


 2013/7/17 9:43Profile


People make mistakes and making mistakes on the job is not the same as being "above reproach". Being above reproach is avoiding behavior that brings reproach to Christ.

As men, we are prone to look at the outward on most situation and that is why people still wonder if you one can be godly and be rich in material possessions at the same time.

A man's outward state (prosperous or not) is no protection from envy, jealousy, greed and covetousness. Those works of the flesh, are not the possession of the rich or the poor, exclusively.

 2013/7/17 11:15

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 Re: Striving to be Rich and on Top?


Good topic for meditation.

Two things come to mind:
1) Riches and power are not sinful in themselves, but they bring temptations that are deadly if not kept in check (1 Timothy 6:9-10, Luke 18:24-25).
2) The real question is, "What are we doing with our riches and with our power?" (1 Timothy 6:17, James 1:9-10, Acts 10:2)

May God bless you richly,
In Christ,

 2013/7/17 12:04Profile



2) The real question is, "What are we doing with our riches and with our power?" (1 Timothy 6:17, James 1:9-10, Acts 10:2)

And of course, what a person is doing with their "riches and power" is a private matter between them and God as man is incapable of judging matters of the heart, righteously.

 2013/7/17 13:03

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I watched a historical documentary about Andrew Carnegie and John D Rockefeller. The show was all about their great and vast wealth as well as their rivalry with one another. It would seem that even though both men were very wealthy it was not enough. They each wanted to out do the other. Pride perhaps? or maybe just a desire to be known as the richest man might have played a part? As I watched the show I remember thinking it doesn't matter if your dirt poor and have nothing, or if you have millions in your bank account, sin is sin and all fall short the glory of GOD. No one is immune.

I do agree with what Renoncer said,"2) The real question is, "What are we doing with our riches and with our power?" (1 Timothy 6:17, James 1:9-10, Acts 10:2)"

This has been the question on my heart more and more. First I need to remember its not my money its HIS and second I need to be mindful of what HE wants me to do with it and then submit to walking that out.

Thank you everyone for sharing what your seeing on this topic.

God bless

 2013/7/17 13:10Profile

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I strive to be the best employee I can be for this reason: I must be above reproach so that when I tell them of the Gospel they cannot ignore it based on my actions.

As far as being rich is concerned: I would tell the rich and poor the same thing--make this life count for eternity. Build up treasures in heaven. A rich man can use his wealth to do that just as a poor man can use his labor and talents.

 2013/7/17 13:53Profile


And we can all use the gifts of the Holy Spirit given to rich and poor alike.

 2013/7/17 14:03

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