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 Controversial New ‘Religion That Embraces All Religions’

If you’re a part of a specific denomination or religious sect, Living Interfaith Church of Lynnwood is probably unlike anything you’ve seen before. The house of worship, based in Lynnwood, Washington, is run by the Rev. Steven Greenebaum, 65, and, as per its name, the church offers an “interfaith” experience.

So, what, exactly, does that mean?
Here’s how the church defines its theology:

Interfaith is a faith that embraces the teachings of all spiritual paths that lead us to seek a life of compassionate action. Interfaith, as a faith, does not seek to discover which religion or spiritual path is “right.” Rather, it recognizes that we are all brothers and sisters, and that at different times and different places we have encountered the sacred differently. ...

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 Re: Controversial New ‘Religion That Embraces All Religions’

Interesting but, as Solomon says, nothing new. There have been Interfaith churches already for many years, In recent history, they have been visible for the last few decades. And religions like Bahai and Buddhism have often embraced a wide circle of faiths under their umbrella (including Christianity). But even William Blake, writing over 200 years ago, wrote about the equality and interconnectedness of all faiths (he specifically mentioned Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism). To be sure, all of these religions and practices have some areas where they are similar. For example, they all teach a form of the Golden Rule (at least officially). And they look forward to the hope of a better place to come, etc.

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 Re: Controversial New ‘Religion That Embraces All Religions’

I will be confused if I attend a church like this. Some denominations think it is okay to have a skull image on one's t-shirt while some are totally against it. I prefer going to a church that is very clear of its mission, vision and core values. Makes it much easier for me to follow.

David Kendrick

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