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 Does our Jesus suit us? by Alan Martin

Does our Jesus "suit" us? "Suit" has come to mean - " to be agreeable or convenient." We all have a propensity to form "another" Jesus in our minds from our own select lists of His attributes and words that are more "agreeable and convenient" to our circumstances. These "select" attributes are often chosen based upon our own needs; not out of some "sinister rebellion", but more like a "subtle reaction" to our own personal struggles.

For example, if we are battling persistent failure or wrestling with a sense of condemnation, our own need of comfort causes us to focus upon those incidents where Jesus embraced the leper or consoled the woman caught in adultery. Driven by our own need, we can subtly embrace those attributes of Jesus that best "suit" our own situation and "subconsciously" place a mental embargo upon the words and attributes of Jesus that are less agreeable or convenient.

Paul warned Timothy that the day would come when believers would no longer endure "sound" doctrine about Jesus' words and person, but would turn their ears away from the complete truth about Jesus and heap to themselves teachers who present those parts of Jesus in such a way that "suit" them better. Those who fall into adultery want to hear about the Jesus who never condemned anyone! Those presently experiencing difficulty from the strong convictions of others, relate better to the Jesus who fought with the Pharisees. We are all vulnerable to form our own Jesus from what best suits our needs.

How can we recognize if we have succumbed to this subtle tendency? We must watch to see if there are truths about Jesus that we tend to "avoid" or difficult messages about Him that "aggravate" us! Truth can not be correctly discerned by what "feels" better. Seeking to hear only those parts that are agreeable or convenient will cause us to turn our ears away from the whole truth because the harder parts no longer "suit" us.

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