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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Texas House approves sweeping abortion restrictions

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Yes, you take what you can get from the world. The "whole world lieth in the power of the evil one".

It is a victory and more than just a small one (if you read the bill), but small victories are welcome, nonetheless.

Less children will be killed and the bill requires abortion doctors to be more responsible and accountable to woman. It also might cause 39 of 42 abortion centers to close because they cannot meet the requirements of the bill. So, there is more to it than prohibiting abortions up to 25 weeks which is just demonic.

Ginny says:
"The problem, folks, is sin run rampant, even among religious folks."

What are "religious folks"?

There is not a negative mindset among the Christians I know about adoption. There was a recent news article about over 900 people wanting to adopt one child in which the mother was over 25 weeks pregnant and wanting to abort.

I know there are thousands of people that want to adopt but the adoption laws in America are not friendly to those who want to adopt.

 2013/7/13 23:38

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 The Supreme Court can nullify state rights

It will likely have the final word on this matter and it can overturn what Texans have done. PTL though for what these Texas lawmakers have done.

David Winter

 2013/7/14 9:08Profile

 Re: The Supreme Court can nullify state rights

Yes, you are right. The Supreme Court overturned the sodomy law of Texas. State's rights mean nothing when it comes to the whims of the Federal Government's.

 2013/7/14 13:34

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