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 God will use us if we let Him

I would like to give glory to God by sharing what he has done this past week. As I visited my old home country in Europe, I met a friend that I went to school with and haven't seen in 35 years. After sharing about our lives, she disclosed that her father was dying and in great fear of death. I said a few comforting words and departed but knew that more was required of me. The next day I sent her an email, explaining that I had hope in Jesus Christ and was wiling to visit and pray with her father. I admit that I did this with much fear of rejection. Time was running out, I had but one more day left before returning to Canada. Yet within minutes of sending that mail I got violently sick and barely made it back to where I was staying, thinking this was eliminating my last chance to share the Gospel with this man. I slept on and off for almost 15 hours and awoke to the message that my friend had called. She gratefully accepted my offer and just hours before my departure I was able to tell this man about Jesus Christ and pray for him. He held my hand, unable to respond any other way. I felt so immensely proviledged to have this opportunity and to serve my Lord in this manner. Now, just a few days later I have received the message that he passed away peacefully and that he was calm and relaxed in these last days. His family saw a true change. Praise the Lord, He alone knows what happened in the soul of this man.
I wanted to share this as an encouragement to others to offer to pray for people even when fearing rejection or inability to find "the right words." God can use our feeblest attempts and is honored when we trust Him in that. Go with God's blessing.

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 Re: God will use us if we let Him

Praise God brother. Tremendous testimony.

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 Re: God will use us if we let Him

What a testimony of God's goodness and mercy. Thank you for your obedience and for sharing this. It is a real encouragement.

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 Re: God will use us if we let Him

Praise the Lord and thank you for sharing this encouraging report!

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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 Re: God will use us if we let Him


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