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 The Kind Of Music God Likes

I dont know if this has been discussed before... I cant imagine it hasnt... but:

Are certain styles of music "evil"? I dont want to turn this into a "Whats wrong with the CCM industry" ... we're all aware there is plenty.

I'm just curious what everyone's opinions are on certain styles of music... can any style be performed or enjoyed by believers... or are some styles evil?

(I bet some would be surprised by my thoughts on this)


 2005/3/16 19:05

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 Re: The Kind Of Music God Likes

I'm just curious what everyone's opinions are on certain styles of music... can any style be performed or enjoyed by believers... or are some styles evil?

This is an issue that I have been struggling with for awhile now. Especially being at Bible School and being subjected unwillingly to many different types of music in a dorm with 7 guys :-P I am thanking God for the opportunity to hear many different types of music I would not get to and hear why the people like the music. There is no secular music allowed on campus here so its just all Christian music that I am hearing but to tell you the truth its really hard to know the difference and therein lies the problem.

There should be something different between the way the godly worship and the way the ungodly play music. One example of this is the Bible, the paper and ink that is used to make the book is secular and is not evil in of itself but the use of the paper and ink to pen words from the mouth of God makes it a godly, holy book. There is a different language used in the rather then the common language, there is a heavenly language and concepts conveyed which makes it different then other books in those times.

In the same way there is a way to use a instrument that is secular for a good or bad purpose. To use it as an holy instrument for worshipping God or to use it for unbelievers to enjoy while they induldge in the flesh.

[b]Romans 6:13 (NKJV)[/b] - And do not present your members as instruments of unrighteousness to sin, but present yourselves to God as being alive from the dead, and your members as instruments of righteousness to God.

[b]Philippians 4:8 (NKJV)[/b] - Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy- meditate on these things.

As for styles of music, I am having a hard time thinking that Christian "Hardcore" music fits in with the above verse, or with Jesus listening or being in the atmosphere of that type of music. I don't have everything figured out and am open to the spirit leading and showing me what is best. I am not trying to be dogmatic on this either, it seems more of an personal issue with God but I think there is some room for a general rule in these things also as per the phillipians scripture above.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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I just discovered some free music from a guy named Eric Gilmour. I find it has been a blessing for me in my prayer closet.

[url=]Eric Gilmour prayer closet songs[/url]

Try the song, {I need you} one it's my favorites.

As for Christian music, I have had to throw out some so called Christian music.Sorry just couldn't stand Petra.

I have found however there is some really good inspiring music that blesses me, like David (ordinary man, extraordinary GOD)and casting crowns just to name a few.

GOD Bless


 2005/3/16 23:00Profile


I love Eric's music. Eric is a great man of God who is lead by the Holy Spirit in his music. He has a wonderful voice which he also uses to draw crowds for open-air preaching!


Matthew 26:30 “And when they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives.” So Jesus sang hymns!

Acts 16:25 “But at midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them.” So Paul and Silas sang hymns to minister to others. Hymns have ministered to more souls then any other type or form of music and worship. God forbid that we ever lose this form of praise while on earth. I fully intend to hear hymns sung when we get to heaven.

Ephesians 5:18-19 “And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.” So the bible even tells us to use hymns to minister to our brethren. Lately I have given some hymns to people I know who were going through hard times, and they said that they really helped them.

 2005/3/16 23:05

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 Re: The Kind Of Music God Likes

I've never been able to understand the debate over Christian music and speaking in tongues. Those are the two things that I [i]don't[/i] find confusing. God speaks and interprets one thing, the heart. There's Christian music where the words are just fine, but the singer is doing it for their own glory. I know for a fact, a very well known Gospel bunch, and I'm talking the biggest bunch in Nashville, I know for a fact, because my cousin was married to the piano player and if I called his name, everyone would know him, I know that this guy has been playing Gospel Christian music since he was 3 years old and he's heading for hell like a freightrain. There's not a person on this website who wouldn't think their music is 'godly', but the person playing it isn't. Worship is a heart matter.

Same thing with tongues. God doesn't speak a particular language. You can't say someone is doing something ungodly because they are just using syllables. They might be pouring their heart out to the True and Living God. God made tongues and brains and mouths. That ain't nothin to him. I pray in tongues every day! And I do it because I can't express myself through my own understanding. I pray with understanding also. No one can tell me that a certain kind of music is ungodly because of the beat. God doesn't care about a beat. That's just determined by decibels and repitition. God cares about hearts. There are just as many hearts that are far from God playing 'Gospel' music as there are playing 'Contemporary' music. I know for a fact. If someone loves and knows God, they aren't going to be saying and doing things that dishonor God. It's that simple. That's my 2 cents. Love, Dian.

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At the risk of living up to my reputation for pedantry, what is 'Christian Music'? Sometimes ago I saw an advertisement in a Christian magazine for software for a "Christian Hairdresser". It left me wondering how we might recognise a 'Christian Haircut'.

'Christian' is never used as an adjective in the scriptures, only as a noun. Adjectives describe nouns and may modify them. We can put adjectives before the noun 'Christian'; good, bad, earnest... but I am not at all sure about using the word as an adjective.

Can music have the life of Christ in it? Do we mean music inspired by Christ? And if it was inspired by Christ who holds the copyright?

The danger is that music is used to create moods. I distrust all such music; whether it is 'worship' music in the 'minor' key, or rejoicing in the 'major'. I think it is legitimate to use music to express moods but I am personally uncomfortable when it is used to create them.

In other words music is a great accompaniment, but when it leads...

Ron Bailey

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The danger is that music is used to create moods. I distrust all such music; whether it is 'worship' music in the 'minor' key, or rejoicing in the 'major'. I think it is legitimate to use music to express moods but I am personally uncomfortable when it is used to create them.

In other words music is a great accompaniment, but when it leads...

This opens up for a great discussion. How do we distinguish the difference between 'creating' and 'expressing' moods? I have some ideas, but wondered if you would share your thoughts. Is it possible that while expressing a certain mood in worship or praise that that 'expression' actually fuels the desire to praise and worship all the more? There is a statement I hear in Pentecostal circles that states that there are two times to worship and praise God:

1) When you feel like it
2) When you don't feel like it

Yet there has to be a fine line between trying to 'work something up' or 'hype' the service up and actually singing with the intent to praise. It has been a long held belief that God inhabits the praises of His people. Add this to the admonitions of the Psalmist that we should praise with the psaltry and harp and the symbols and high sounding symbols, etc. It ends up as a procedure for attempting to get God to manifest Himself by singing and praising.

Is that making sense?

Robert Wurtz II

 2005/3/17 7:38Profile


Personally i like all kinds of music. I happen to believe that Jesus' favorite kind of music is bluegrass. ;-)

I think the whole premiss of CCM has always been to reach the current generation. But one has to ask how successful it's been. The majority of CCM is sold to Christians, and not the world. Almost none of my unsaved friends have ever heard of even Michael W. Smith or DCTalk.

But when it comes to styles, I think there is a line to be drawn with some of it. I think "Christian" death metal is an oxymoron. How can [b]death[/b] metal be Christian? I think there are styles of music that lend themselves to chaos and confusion. Yet I dont know where the line is to be drawn. I happen to be very impressed with a band called Kutless... yet many would consider their style to be chaos and confusion. For me, it isnt. And what impresses me about them is their stand for Christ... not just their music.

So where do we draw the line? Some consider the line drawn at Casting Crowns (another of my favorites), yet some consider the line drawn at Pillar... and yet still others consider there to be no line.

As for creating moods... I [b]love[/b] the blues. I think the blues can go along way toward expressing moods about all sorts of different issues we face as believers. Glenn Kaiser (formerly of the Resurrection Band... an 80's Christian hard rock band) to be one of the best blues musicians in CCM.


 2005/3/17 7:43

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 Re: The Kind Of Music God Likes

Are certain styles of music "evil"?

I believe Keith Green answered this question quite well, here is a clip from an article he wrote many years ago;

[i]"I know and am convinced in the Lord Jesus, that nothing is unclean in itself; but to him who thinks anything is unclean, to him it is unclean."Rom 14:14

I do not believe that any kind of music is "evil" in itself. I mean, that there are no such things as rhythms or chord structures or melody lines that were born in hell. The idea that the devil has invented certain styles of music so that he could capture the innocent young souls of today's youth is not only without foundation, but is the same kind of ridiculous tale that was told to young people by the church as recently as a generation ago - that "masturbation could cause blindness." Why try to scare the poor little guys into doing what's right? Why not deal with the real problem - selfishness!

The suggestion that there is such a thing as intrinsically5 "good music or evil music" seems preposterous to me. I have been involved with almost every aspect of music my whole life, and I have witnessed the various effects it has had on me and other people - and I have to say that I have never once seen a case where music was the direct cause of sin or wickedness in a person's life.

On the other hand, I have seen music be used as a tool for selfishness and egotism in people's lives (as well as my own). I have also seen it be used to create sensual moods by people with lust and manipulation on their minds. I have seen rock groups that were admittedly worshippers of Satan, and were open practioners of black witchcraft, who employed music as a tool to mesmerize their audiences. Yes, I must admit that it would appear to the casual observer that anyone involved with rock music could at least be charged with "guilt by association."

But all the examples I mentioned above have to do with the motives of the heart, not the music itself! That is why I believe that music, in itself, is a neutral force.[/i]

If you would like to read the entire article it can be found at [url=]Can God Use Rock Music?[/url]

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

 2005/3/17 8:36Profile


'Personally i like all kinds of music. I happen to believe that Jesus' favorite kind of music is bluegrass'

Excellent!! That is very good news for all us bluegrass fans!

 2005/3/17 9:19

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