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I don't understand you posting that amrkelly. Do you believe in it ?

Yes every word and every part of what I have said I believe and am completely and fully persuaded off.

I could make it a lot easier but where then would the leading of the Holy Spirit be?

I can tell you however that despite what rbanks has written. He will be hard pressed to find anyone on the internet and definitely on this site who is saying what I am saying. I know it because I have spend 12 hours a day for the last 14 months searching for the precise same understanding. I am not exaggerating either. I do however realise that it seems as though I have said two completely different things. I have not said any such thing. I have spoken altogether of one thing and one thing alone. The full gospel of assurance and obedience in Christ Jesus. Mr Banks is right in one sense as he must be if I am not a heretic, I haven't actually said anything new. Its simply that you will be hard pressed to find it. It is despised not by one sectarian brother but by both sectarian brothers.

What can I say. It is plain enough if anyone one were to look into it.

 2013/6/26 16:06

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Quote: This is not good news it is the worst news ever. It means an end to yours self. The good news on the other hand is indeed good news and means believing the Father concerning His son unto eternal life.

What is the deepest secret of Christ life on earth, His dependence on the Father.

In the Gospel of John Christ uses these words over and over again not and nothing of Himself, Not My will, Not My words, Not My honour, Not Mine own glory, I can do nothing of Myself, I speak not of Myself, I came not of Myself, I do nothing of Myself.

Just think a moment what this means in connection with what He tells us of His life in the Father. We should have thought that with this life in Himself He would have the power of independent action as the Father has. But no. “The Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He seeth the Father do.”

Nothing of Myself is as true for Christ as it for us..

Colin Murray

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Dear ones,
....We are very dear, the Father,..also the body of Christ,is very dear to each of us.

Please allow me to share a Scripture, that we all know.

2Tim.3:16, "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God,and is profitable for reproof ,for correction,for INSTRUCTION IN RIGHTEOUSNESS,.Verse 17,That the MAN OF GOD MAY BE PERFECT,....throughly furnished 'unto'
>>>>> all good works." (That word 'unto',is a word of continueing on,...
Going forward > > >


Jas.5:19-20, "Brethren,if any of you ( our brethren) ,do err from the truth,
and one convert him,....( help to turn one around from err),Verse 20,
Let him know that he who converteth ( turns around),THE SINNER from the error of 'his way'SHALL SAVE A SOUL FROM DEATH,and shall hide a
multitude of sins.


Concerning the Kingdom of God / Heaven:

* John the Baptist. came preaching "The gospel of Heaven"
* Jesus came and preached "The gospel of the ( that) Kingdom
....Everything that Jesus taught,was "the gospel"...Everything !
...The sermon on the mount,...our seeing..eyes to see,..ears,
hear Spiritualy,..our walk,...dead while we yet live,..His wanting to give us Life,..."My Words,that I speak unto you,They are Spirit,and They are Life"

* Paul, Peter,John,..and others continued to preach the things
pertaining to .../ ..concerning "The Kingdom of God / Heaven.
And teaching us what The King,Who is Jesus,requires of us,...."the washing of Water,by the Word of God".....( as He brings up (speaks) His Word in our spirit,He wants to cleanse us,from our way,to go into/ unto His Way )....."Led by The Spirit of God" .

* The kingdom of God is a Place IN God,( by way of the Holy Spirit ) ,where The King,...Who is Jesus rules and is Lord....or else one day could we still be decieved when we stand before Him,..and we say " Lord,Lord"and He lets us know that He was not Lord and He did not rule in our lives ?

* Grace,is also a part of His gospel,..." The gospel of His Grace"

Note: Many of you have heard me say this many times before,...I really am a repeater,...but there may be some.....?

* Grace : IS, " The Devine enflence upon the heart, and it's reflection
In the life"

( it is a mercy of God )..however,it came to do a work in us.

* " The Devine enflence upon the heart : God,..Who is the Spirit / Word,
drawing us to Himself,by His Spirit / Word,...

* " It's reflection in the life",...the doing of the / that Word
( "being not hearers only,but doers of The Word")

To share in all humbleness that which is His,

Much love in Him,

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* Grace,is also a part of His gospel,..." The gospel of His Grace"
Quote -Elizabeth

Very good post! It is the gospel of His Grace and it is all His grace not in part but in whole! He is the God of all grace!

 2013/6/26 17:49Profile

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///Alright, just as long as I don't see you in a lynch mob or carrying a stone we'll be ok I think.;-)///

When considering so many different perspectives, on such topics

I think it is wise to look at history and research whom believed what, and whom Martyred whom.

 2013/6/26 19:39Profile


Does grace deny our responsibility to walk in holiness before Christ? I mean practical holiness.


 2013/6/26 21:03

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///Does grace deny our responsibility to walk in holiness before Christ? I mean practical holiness.///

1 Corinthians 15:10
But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I laboured more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me.

Paul says:

I laboured more abundantly than they all:

yet not I,

but the grace of God which was with me.

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Thank you brother,...and yes ,He is the God of all grace.
And don't we praise Him for His Grace,..because we could not have this Grace except He gives it.

Jesus was Full of God' Grace,...that Devine drawing power,...He ONLY
did the Father's will...always.

And as we recieve His Grace,and let it do it's work,He gives us more Grace,if we do not shun the Grace of God.
Grace for Grace.

1Pet.5:10, ....rbanks,..(that you mentioned), "But the God of all Grace,who hath called
us unto His eternal glory by Christ Jesus,after ye have suffered awhile,
make you perfect,establish,strengthen,settle you" .

Yes, all this Grace belongs / comes from God to us.

He draws us,by His Grace into The Kingdom of God.
* Jesus says, The gospel of the kingdom,is the gospel. He says "This gospel" of the kingdom"..(Mt.24:14,...Mt.26:13,...Mk.14:9)

Wasn't He preaching everything that has to go on in His Kingdom?
To be equipped with all the helps and council for that Kingdom.

Oh How I thank God for each of you,
In His love,


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Amen sister!

He has promised to give us all the grace that we need to be all that he desires us to be in His Son Christ Jesus!!

 2013/6/26 22:43Profile

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Thank you dear bro.Bearmaster,for the response and the question.

And I thank Proud Papa for the blessed Word he gave in answer to your question,before I read it.

I was busy writing out something else.

And thanks to you bro.rbanks,, we study / learn together.

Now I think to share another Scripture, that came up into my spirit:

2 Pet.1:3,.." According to His Devine power hath given unto us all things
that pertain to Life and godliness,through the knowledge of Him that hath
called us to glory and virtue;".....and on,into....vrs..4,By which are given
unto us exceedingly great and precious promises,that by these ye might be partakers of the Devine nature,having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust," ........and it goes on to more of the out-workings of the Spirit,....fruits ....etc.

Well,be blessed,..



 2013/6/26 23:44Profile

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