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Stability: that God-breathed ability to see each moment, each obstacle, each event, each in its proper place. To know that no type of event, no type of activity, no particular moment can truly be valued nor anticipated, nor feared above any other. Each moment, properly seen, is but an opportunity to walk and listen to the Abba of Heaven.


I pray for this attitude of heart LORD!! So often I find myself looking at the event, but I pray let me see things through YOUR reality and not with my own very short sighted eyes!! Amen

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 Re: see things through my FATHER eyes

It is so hard to not see the event, and rather to focus on God.

But focus on God we must, or the event will get the better of us.

As when we read in the book of Acts, of Paul and Silas being in prison, and singing hymns, after being beaten.

That is stability. God given stability.

God bless.

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