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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : And do we despise the word?

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 And do we despise the word?

A sister shared with me that Smith Wigglesworth was illiterate in his early years. She had been reading his biography and the author said he could not read or write. It was only after he met a literate woman and married her that she taught him to read. Smith learned to read from the Bible (KJV no less) and my understanding is this was all he read, the Bible. Yet look at how God used this man.

We have heard the story of Moody who had less than a 6th grade education and how extended hours of reading the word made him a dynamic winner of souls. Again a man God used who read only the Bible.

It was said of John Bunyan who had no theological education that if you cut him he would bleed Scripture. Again Bunyan was a dynamic preacher whom God used to bring many to Christ.

In my reading of the persecuted in foreign lands I find they cry not for theological text books. They do not ask for the works of Calvin or Owen. The believers of China or N. Korea ask not for R C Sproul or John Piper. But aside from the most important thing of prayer, they ask for Bibles. So what do the persecuted know that we don't? Truly where does the power lie?

In American Christedon we worship at the altar of theology. We value mental intellect of theology over the power of God derived from his word. The one who has the MDiv or DMim is revered while the simple saint who reads his Bible is scoffed at.

Forum let me ask you something. Where do you find your comfort? Is it in a volume of Luther, Calvin, or the Scriptures. Where do the persecuted find their comfort. It may very well be hand written scriptures on pieces of paper that are more precious than gold rather than theological quotes.

Do we despise the word?. I pray we do not. The urgency of the hour is in ny spirit to exhort us to get into the word. I know some who do not like me giving this message. But saint what is going to sustain you in the dark times ahead. Even persecution? What sustains the persecuted in foreign lands? I guarantee you that it is not a theological work. But the word of God.

Posted by Bearmaster.

 2013/6/12 9:35

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 Re: And do we despise the word?

Romans 10:17 "So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God".

It is by hearing or reading the word of God that we are introduced and grow in faith. Without reading the bible, it is hard to imagine how one will have a real life changing and life giving christian faith by which we grow into spiritual maturity.

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I love theology. I want to know the truth and I want to preach the truth and I want to live the truth. That's it. I want to submit to you guys that bearmaster is right about this stuff. If you look at church history, it was because the Bible was written in the common tongue that helped produce the Luthers, Calvins, etc, etc. They thirsted to know God and learned about Him through His word. Look at what Thomas Linacre said back in those days after reading the scriptures in their original language: "Either this [the original Greek] is not the Gospel… of we are not Christians." And I am telling you, it is not a lack of scriptures in America that prevents the Church from knowing truth. It is the lack of true Christians in church buildings. Am I saying that you shouldn't read about those men? No. But who do you think those guys read about? They read about the men in the Bible and about Paul and David and Elijah, and more importantly, they read about Christ and they sought Him.

I don't have it all together. and I don't understand exactly what balance should be struck reading the bible and reading the thoughts of men who read the bible; however, I know that when I quote something to stand my ground and my can't be calvin. It can't be Luther. It can't be Washer. It can't be Ravenhill. Those men would not want you to either. We must stand firmly on scripture.

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 Re: And do we despise the word?

Smith Wigglesworth
Man of One Book.

Listen here


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It was said about the great man of God Bakht Singh, that he only had one possession: a Bible.

Another great man of God, Sundar Singh, was also known for this.

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Great post bearmaster. Only the Lord can comfort us and He does this through His Word. However we cannot always be reading or listening to His Word that is why memorizing His Word is important. I have been impressed lately to memorize the book of Ephesians as several years ago the Lord led me to memorize the book of Galatians during a hectic period in my life and that decision and journey brought me into the greatest peace and intimacy with the Lord. I know we are all different but I believe there is no greater investment this side of eternity than to memorize His Word (Luke 16:17). Each of us must ask the Lord and He will show us how to honor His Word in a way that is pleasing to Him.

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