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 Its not a "to do list"

As you go through your day today, be thinking of Jesus as a Person who wants you to know Him. Life is much less about us and what we do or don’t do, and much more about Jesus and who He is and what He is like and what He has done for you and what He wants to do with you, all of you, together with all His people everywhere. The focus is not on us, no matter who we are. There are things we must learn about ourselves and changes that must be made within us for us to be near and like Jesus as He wants, and we will want it too as we get to know Him. But don’t think of your life as a list of things to do or not do. Think of it as an adventure of discovering a Person—the Person who made you and the world around you, though not the sin and the forces of sin that control the world in this stage of things. When you learn about something, look for the reflection of the Person who thought up this created realm and all the complexities and mysteries therein. Begin thinking of your life as the working out of the most important relationship you will ever have: a relationship with Jesus. Learn what is important to Him, and talk to Him and His people about it. When you sin, talk to Him and His people about it. To follow a rule of saying I’m sorry and then counting yourself forgiven is a technical process, but to care that you hurt someone and to tell that Person/person that you are sorry, and then to be in reality forgiven by a Person/person is quite another thing.

I don’t mean to overwhelm you—hopefully I’m not! I do mean to excite you with the thought that your life is meant to be lived out with a Person and His people, in relationship, rather than a list of things to do or not do. Can you picture the difference? Can you see the wonder of a living God who wants you to know Him all along the way beginning even now, rather than learning what stuff you should or shouldn’t do? Go explore the depths and wonders of God! And remember, life is not about ongoing, continuous excitement and constant marvelous discovery. Most of it is simple relating with the most Glorious Person of all time and untime : ), and often you do this by relating to the people around you in His Way: with honesty and kindness and considering each other better than yourself. The way you treat His people is the way you treat Him! Don’t measure by excitement, measure by His words. And know that traveling through your days with Jesus and His people is the best thing there ever will be...


This was shared with me and I felt led to share it with some few here. JESUS is a PERSON, someone to know, to love, to live with! HE is a real PERSON not someone to study but someone to relate to, to speak with and respond to. Knowing HIM is the greatest adventure of my life time...everything else pales in comparison!

God bless

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