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 SMS evangelism

An update from a missionary pastor in Siberia: because of the hostile land they are using SMS (text messaging) as part of their evangelism and seeing some miraculous fruit.

They have sent more than 220,000 SMS messages with the Bible in Siberia. Praise the LORD!

This is a unique form of evangelism and if u get a hang of this eventually you can text people all over the world whenever you have free time

You can evangelize people at a much faster pace

People can get saved much faster

This is smart

Instead of wasting time we can be reaching someone with Gods Word anywhere in the world at any time all we have to do is press some buttons and its free

What could be easier

And this is fulfilling what God commands: to go and share the gospel with all nations

This has huge potential if you think about it

You can be evangelizing in North Korea while on your break at work

Think about every Christian texting a few people everyday, we could reach a very large percentage of the world with the gospel very quickly

We have all the tools we just need wise people to plan out the details

Some more info from a ministry in Nigeria:

What do you think of mobile phone evangelism? Some believe it is a great way to share the gospel in an informal way, but others say it could be intrusive. Ok, yes, but what about various promotional SMSs that drops on our phones almost all the time. If that is OK, then SMS Evangelism is also OK.

Many people are scared to do street evangelism, which we must continue to do, digital or no digital but SMS evangelism is a way of connecting with people in a safe way. Some may not be interested, but what if someone gets saved?

But to be honest, I can’t see many problems with sending a text message to someone, which could inspire him or her to think about God. If you sent more than one to same person without a response, it could be annoying. You should send good messages, not, “You’re a wicked sinner.” We need to promote God’s love towards mankind, which leads to genuine repentance.

Suggestions For Phone Evangelism

1. Send an SMS gospel message to a friend, or ‘accidentally’ to someone. If the SMS does not send, it should not cost you anything, so experiment with phone numbers. After all, big companies text us selling their products, so why can’t we use our phones for evangelism?

2. You can also buy mobile numbers from companies. Check out or use this script to generate your numbers yourself, check the nos before you use them. You can also ask the Holy Spirit to help you form numbers manually with your pen like one of our members, Evang. Segun Shobambi.

3. Buy a bulk SMS at N2 from to send the numbers. Create account on the website to get free SMS for test, pay into the account number and login again after payment to see your account credited.

4. Don’t forget, build relationship FIRST, relate and then seek the right opportunity to present the Gospel.

5. You can refer the person to a gospel Gospel presentation on the Internet or simply tell the person in a very simple way. Remove ‘christinese’ languages, except the person seems familiar to church.

You may only want to use a few of the possible sample questions below. You could ask question like:

1. Do you believe in God?

2. Do you believe in the Devil?

3. Why do you believe or not believe in God or the Devil?

4. What do you think life is all about?

5. Are you satisfied or content with life?

6. Do you ever read the Bible?

7. Do you ever celebrate Christmas or Easter? What do these festivals mean to you?

8. What does Jesus Christ mean to you?

9. Do you hope to go to heaven?

10. Why do you think you will go to heaven?

11. If you could know God personally would you want to?

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 Re: SMS evangelism

The DigiTELL project in Turkey is another exciting project that is pushing the outer limits of outreach with mobile phones.

Here are some preliminary figures from the first weeks, but really you should go check out what they are doing!

10′s of thousands saw the add while commuting through the city.
~150 page views of per day
~ 100 SMS texts to 0543 1559 total
~70 uses of the QR code total
~ 40 webforms filled out total

Read more here:

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