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 Church Gunman Said Upset Over Sermon

I thought this was very sad. A guy got mad over a sermon and brought a gun to church.. here is the [url=]link[/url]

Josh Parsley

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 Re: Church Gunman Said Upset Over Sermon

Yes, I read about that the other day. Please say a prayer for my state as there seems to be more of these larger scale shootings going on here.

Mark Daniel

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 Re: Church Gunman Said Upset Over Sermon

This is the type of occurence that either draws one closer to Jesus or ejects one far away from Him as one of the wounded asked, "I wanted to know where God was when this happened. He was supposed to be everywhere. He could have at least been there."

It's reported that ...

- The man who fatally shot seven people during a quiet church service before turning the gun on himself was on the verge of losing his job as a computer technician. Ratzmann had been working for an employment agency, assigned to a health care company.

- He was upset over a sermon he heard two weeks ago. It was unclear what specifically upset him, but Ratzmann was a member of the Living Church of God, whose leader recently prophesied that end times are near. The Living Church of God places a strong emphasis on using world events to prove the end of the world is near.

- Ratzmann regularly attended the gatherings at the Sheraton each Saturday. But Frazier said Ratzmann walked out of a recent sermon "sort of in a huff."Something that the minister said he was upset about..

- He was not known to have threatened anyone and had no criminal record, police said. They siezed a .22-caliber rifle and a box of bullets from the modest two-story home Ratzmann shared with his mother and adult sister.

- "He wasn't a dark guy. He was average Joe," said Shane Colwell. But another neighbor called Ratzmann a drinker, and church members said he struggled with depression for years. When he was really depressed he didn't talk to people. Sometimes it was worse than others," said Kathleen Wollin.

- Colwell said Ratzmann was so devout about attending church that he skipped a friends wedding because it was on a Saturday.

Just recently some friends and i were having a discussion relevant to this event concerning the coming economic upset in America's immediate future ... i was expressing out of what Holy Spirit has been showing me, my concern about to what degree folk are gonna react in the Body of Christ when all these prosperity lies really hit the fan, and what are so many preachers with these huge mega churches, with their mega buildings, and their mega mortgages, gonna do when folk in the congregation not have the wherewithal to continue playing their "spiritual lotto", and a lot of those major mortgages go into default? ... i expected the prosperity nonsense to go on in 2005 from the TV false prophets, but in many everyday churches, especially the big ones, saints are still being told every Sunday that their financial futures are assured by God because they're planting their seeds into the church's programs ... i see incidents like this increasing as famine increasingly raises it's ugly head, for there are gonna be a lot of ticked off folk who liked to have their ears tickled that are not gonna blame it on themselves when their fingers get burned ... There are a lot of folk sitting in church today who truly believe that they're OWED health and wealth by God ... A sister in our group related a story of another sister who was diagnosed with colon cancer and eventually died ... But in the interim the sick sister became angry to the point of ugliness to others up until the day she died ... She was actually very angry at God, so she took it out on all around her ... Sad ...

There are gonna be Prosperity Preachers numbered right in there with Stock Brokers and Financial Advisors marked for vengeance by deranged folk who'll feel like they've been swindled ... Martyrdom for preaching the unadulterated word of God has to be one big star in ones crown of glory, but to be killed for mammons gain via misrepresentation of God's word is pure shame and has in itself a reaping ...

If a souls is not truly, no frills, like our beloved Apostle Paul, anchored solely in Jesus alone, and not extinuating circumstances, then it's succeptible to snaping ... We'd all do well to walk perfectly before Him in all prayer, watchfulness and supplication for all saints, in these perilous times of increasing violence ...

My prayers go out to all my surviving brothers and sisters in that church to their all holding on and eventually learning what it is for good that God means out of this bad ... It's in times like these that one's faith is really tested as to continued believing that God has it all under control ... Amen

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