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 Randy Clark - false teacher?

Here are some exerpts and quotes of Randy Clark and some of his history. As Far as I have seen I am very weary of this man.

Clark now says that in the midst of his spiritual disillusionment, God rebuked him, saying, "You have a ... denominational spirit if you think you can only drink of the well of your own group." God then asked Clark a very pertinent question: "How badly do you want me?" (Randy Clark, Catch The Fire '94, Test Me Now ... I will Back You Up, TACF, 10/13/94, audiotape)

God decided to throw a party for His people because they "already feel so icky about themselves." (Randy Clark, Catch The Fire, TAV, 10/14/94, audiotape)

Randy Clark claims that the "greatest revival of all times" is now a reality. He tells credulous Christians that "people are being raised from the dead and temples are being hit by lightening or fireballs and knocked off their things. It's all over. Germany and Africa. It's everywhere. God's doing it." (Randy Clark, "Catch The Fire: Questions and Answers", TACF, 10/14/94, audiotape, commentary from Counterfiet Revival, Hank Hanegraaff, 1997)

"The theme of this conference is "Equipping Church Leadership With Power". Each Pastor and Worship Leader will participate in three workshops. The workshops are: 1) 5-step Healing Prayer Model, 2) Worship, 3) Small Groups. The workshops have a three-fold purpose. There will be teaching, impartation and practice. The workshops are designed to be interactive and involve the participation of the attendees. We believe this is the most effective way of impartation." This was from a letter to set up the "Catch The Fire" conference in Russia for church leaders. Several things are askew in the above scenario. (1) Only God can equip church leadership to do what He wants done, whether in power or in humble persecution. The "with power" statement is egotistic and false advertising. (2) If the desire was to "equip church leadership" then wouldn't subjects like "authority under Christ", "leadership through humility", and "servant hood" serve this purpose much better than supposedly teaching people a model of how to heal (ie. "the emphasis will be on understanding and using the 1 Cor 12 spiritual gifts in praying for the sick and unsaved. Pastors and Worship Leaders will have the opportunity to practice what they learned both in the workshop and the evening session ministry time"), a legalistic plan of worship to get people ready for the "impartation" (ie."the emphasis will be on understanding the power and presence of God to move on His people during intimate worship"), and how use small groups to get people indoctrinated into techniques of "intercession" and "impartation" (ie."the emphasis will be on imparting the life and the ministry of the Holy Spirit in home group settings. A secondary emphasis will be on identifying, recruiting, training, mentoring, observing and deploying home group leaders"), etc.? (3) Teaching people how to receive the "impartation" (let's get to the bottom line here, folks), giving the "impartation" and practicing by passing it on to others is not a Scriptural model of how to be a leader in church or do evangelism. We are not to preach and spread some sort of "impartation", no matter how holy it makes people feel. We are to preach the gospel and to remain in sound doctrine. (Randy Clark, "Letter Of Invitation" to churches in the former Soviet Union inviting them to the "Catch The Fire" conference in Moscow, 25-27 March 1996, 1/18/96; with commentary by Sandy Simpson)

Previous to this, I had unknowingly been talking to Randy Clark! He also told me that "this is a move of God" as stated in Acts 2, and "people are drunk in the Spirit as they were then". (J & Y J. Wallsall, UK, June1995 in an e-mail from: Tricia Tillin, 21-Aug-1995)

During the meeting itself on Monday night, we were told by people who "braved it" that David Carr wore black trousers, an open black shirt and a medallion! Later they danced the conga and had an erotic dancer on stage. And David Carr did his "John Travolta" impression. Randy Clark told people "in order to receive the blessing" all they had to do was "not pray", as it "hinders the blessing". (J & Y J. Wallsall, UK, June1995 in an e-mail from: Tricia Tillin, 21-Aug-1995)

Some points here really disturb me and are themes that occour throughout some of the sections of the Charismatic Movement. One paticular thing is the idea of not praying but just recieving from God. And letting professionals (special prayer team people) pray for you and dont pray for yourself.

"So began the so-called Laughter Revival in the United States ... this "laughter anointing" passed down from Rodney Howard-Browne to Randy Clark (who apparently came close to a nervous breakdown in 1993) and from Randy Clark the "anointing" passed downwards again to John Arnott, the present pastor of the Toronto Airport Vineyard Church. John's church was apparently in a "hospital mode", (presumably spiritually sick), before the outpouring of the Laughter anointing. Later, John himself described this anointing as `highly contagious and transferable." ... The services in this church are reputed to have gone on for six nights a week since January 1994. From Toronto, this Laughter Movement has spread to many parts of the world. The ultimate source of the Laughter Movement therefore is still Rodney Howard-Browne."

"For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect-- if that were possible." - Matt 24:24

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