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You stated this very simply and very directly.

"For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints." I Cor. 15:2
This was said in admonition to a congregation that had become disorderly and gotten off track in the ways of the Lord.

It seems we continue in that mindset sometimes. May the Lord bring us back to the cross where we will lay down our loves in love for one another that we may be prepared as a spotless bride for the Son of God, our Lord Jesus in these last days.
Sister Leslie

 2013/5/18 12:29


The issue that makes the hyper grace teaching herectical is one need not deal with sin. As the OP pointed out. You have an agreement for unlimited car washes with your new car. But someone tells you. Your new car is already clean. One car wash and the car is clean. No matter how dirty it may get afterward. It was cleaned in the past, its is clean now, and will be clean in the future. That car may be completely filthy from doing some off road driving. And others tell you to take that car in for a free wash. But you have been told it is clean. And it will rack up more filth.

This is the error of hyper grace. You need not continually repent and be cleansed of your sin. It was done when you came to Christ. Any sin you may commit has already been taken care. After all God smiles at your sins.

A very dangerous path to walk.


 2013/5/18 14:09


I noticed the same line of thought in the sinless perfection camp. When those who held to that position were asked if they had ever sinned. The question would be ignored or evaded.

So whether one believes in sinless perfection or hyper grace. The implication is they do not have to deal with the reality of confessing or repenting of sin in their lives. Or pressing on toward holiness.

Thankfully this is not the testimony of the early saints and those who follow Jexus today.


 2013/5/18 14:20

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