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 Homeland Security Funded Exercise Portrayed Homeschoolers as Terrorists

Taken on its own, the KOMO 4 News report below out of Seattle paints a stark and frightening picture of police battling “angry parents” in a simulated shooting at a school. The practice of police training to take on everything from homeschoolers to patriots and constitutionalists – “rightwing extremists” in government parlance – is anything but a rarity. Such exercises are now a prominent feature of the expanding police state.

According to Time Magazine, the rhetoric that supposedly contributed to the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City came from “well known-elements of far-right thought: tax protesters, Christian homeschoolers, conspiracy theorists… and self-reliant types” in opposition to the federal government.

Lew Finch, the superintendent of schools in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, went further and directly placed the blame for the bombing on homeschoolers. “There is a dedicated, very ...


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 Re: Homeland Security Funded Exercise Portrayed Homeschoolers as Terrorists

It is a sad world truly...As always though we place our trust and faith in HIM! Pray for those who are lost and blinded by sin, pray for them to see their great need for JESUS!!

It's a good day to pray:)

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