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Brother I have not replied as I am not sure exactly what you are saying and ask you if you can give more clarity. Thanks. Sanctification is all of Christ, agreed.

 2013/6/28 7:06


Sree thank you for that wonderful testimony. It happened to me in similar ways but over a much longer period of time. When I hit on the truth, that my sanctification had already been provided for me on the cross, the love of God was shed abroad in my heart and I spent three days in rapture. I now had the power to overcome sin and walked for many years in His rest.

Later on though I slowly became aware that there was more. I entered a time of great affliction and emptiness descended until I read a little book that showed me that ùnconscious` sin will still cause a veil and that the Spirits leading is sufficient for that too.

There is much dispute and argument over the differences in these two states, and I feel that it is pointless to debate them as we can only see as much in these higher realms, what the Lord reveals and to push the truth too soon is not advisable.

But it was a blessing for me to read your testimony.

 2013/6/28 7:16

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