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The word you call a weapon
Is the sword that will divide
And the war goes on within your heart
'Til you finally take a side
And put to death your pride

You speak of fear and judgement
Do you fear the one who knows?
Your freedom's restoration
Is the purpose you oppose

And the consequence of action
Is a law that all men face
The rising son has bought the
human race

Welcome to the war
From beginning to end
Welcome to the last world war
Welcome to the war
Truth will not bend
Tell me who you're fighting for

Your dreams and all your visions
Won't feed a hungry child
And all the vain philosophies
Have left your mind defiled
You declare as myth and legend
What stands before your eyes
The faith is sure, but you prefer the lies

Welcome to the war
There is no neutral ground
Welcome to the last world war
Welcome to the war
No escape can be found
Tell me who you're fighting for

And when you're truly broken, it all becomes so clear
This place that we were born in, all the hatred and the fear
Was not the world intended, nor ever meant to be
So twisted and distorted, it's reaching out and crying to be free

The power and the glory will not be put to shame
The world in which we're meant to live
Has been revealed, and conquered in his name

To those who hold the future as a time when all is well
The truth is in the knowing of a heaven or a hell
For the aliens and strangers it's a time we must endure
For the light grows dim, the victory is sure

Welcome to the war
There is no neutrality
Welcome to the last world war
Welcome to the war
It's the one reality
Tell me who you're fighting for

Lyrics By Kerry Livgren
(a few of you old schoolers may remember him as the lead guitarist from Kansas) He became a follower of Christ during his time in that band. He late made some great tunes, including the one above, with AD that were had deeply searching lyrical content.

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