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 Many have read the headlines...


Many of us have read the head lines. We can see the government wanting and taking more control of its citizens at an every increasing pace. Agendas of radical and sinful lifestyle choices are being pushed more and more to be accepted as the norm so what can we as the Church do? I believe we need to be in prayer, we need to be praying that people will see their sin and their need for JESUS. For me the only real good that can come from the present road we find ourselves on as a nation is if the children of GOD raise up and fall down on their knees. We need to be seeking GOD for those who are deceived and lost, and we need to be living our own lives daily submitted to HIM. The only way my life can be a light or a testimony to another is if JESUS is LORD in all that I do and how I live reflects that.

I know of some who fear this present government, fear what can happen to them and perhaps there is some wisdom in being wary of all that is happening but only if it drives us deeper into prayer and seeking to live in HIM. We are soldiers, Holy Warriors of a mighty and risen KING and HE calls us to battle and the fight happens each time we come to HIM in prayer. A praying people is indeed a mighty army in which the powers of darkness can not stand! JESUS loves us and longs to strengthen us, let us turn to HIM, lift HIM up that HE be glorified as we seek to pray for those around us.

Just a gentle reminder to encourage some few here.

God bless

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