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 Gibson cuts gore from The Passion


'The Passion Recut" is Mel Gibson's way of opening ''The Passion of the Christ" to an audience wider than the tens of millions who've already experienced it since its 2004 release.

This one's for the kids, for the squeamish, for those curious about whether a snip here and a snip there will make the controversial opus about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ any less grueling to watch.

Will it change the meaning? In a slightly nervous video statement on the movie's website, Gibson assures viewers that the answer is no.

There are about five minutes' worth of trims. Given the movie's unstinting depiction of Christ being flogged, pummeled, and bloodied, this is a bit like the Sahara desert advertising that it's five degrees less hot. It might be true, but it's pretty hard to tell the difference.

Yet, unlike watching the pre-cut edition, I didn't have to avert my eyes or bury my head. Perhaps this is a result of knowing what's coming. Jesus' torture at the hands of the Romans still seems amazingly comprehensive and unrelenting, and Jesus, bravely played by Jim Caviezel, remains a dazed visage of bloody cuts and gashes.

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