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Below there is a quote from Duncan Campbell testimony but as Ginnyrose says:- the methods the LORD uses to deliver one are varied - there is no one-size-fits-all. All are tailor made just for you!

We are not all going to battlefiled bleeding to death but there are things we can learn from Duncan testimony.

1. Duncan wasn't looking at fruits the sin he was commiting.

2. He saw the source of the sins and saw his "I frequently cried, ‘Oh wretched man that I am, who shall deliver me from this body of death?"

3. Prayer - "However, the day came when that was changed, and changed under very strange circumstances, when my mother’ prayers and my plea for deliverance were answered."

4. God answers -Instantly the power of God the Holy Ghost fell upon me on that horse's back, bringing cleansing and renewal until I felt as pure as an angel."

If God did for Duncan he can do it for us...

"It wasn't long," said Duncan, "before I discovered powers resident within me that were fighting against my desire for godliness and holiness, a power well entrenched in my nature, a power that battled against my best endeavors. So with the Apostle Paul I frequently cried, ‘Oh wretched man that I am, who shall deliver me from this body of death? The good that I would, I cannot do, and the evil that I hate, that I do.’ However, the day came when that was changed, and changed under very strange circumstances, when my mother’ prayers and my plea for deliverance were answered. I found myself severely wounded in a cavalry charge outside Amiens, the last cavalry charge of the British army, April 12, 1918. It is a terrible thing to be in a cavalry charge when machine guns are levelled at you, firing five and six hundred rounds a minute. That was what we had to face on that fearful morning. I lay wounded on the battlefield; the blood was flowing freely; I believed I was dying. I was very conscious of my unfitness to appear before the judge of all the earth. Two things troubled me: I felt so impure, and I knew that I hadn’t led any soul to the Saviour. We had often sung on the farm: ‘Must I empty-handed go? Must I meet my Saviour so? Not one soul with which to greet Him? Must I empty-handed go? Could I but recall them now, Oh, the years of sin I've wasted! I would give them to my Saviour. To His will I'd gladly bow.’

But I was dying, I thought. And then, a miraculous thing happened. The Canadian horses were called out to a second charge. They charged over that bloody battlefield toward the enemy in a body. Men were dying; men were lying wounded; the whole field was littered with men and horses in distress. A horse's hoof struck me in the spine. The mark is still there, and I must have groaned. In the providence of God, that groan was heard by a Canadian trooper. After the charge, again in the providence of God, that trooper came right to the place where I lay and saw that I was bleeding profusely. He lifted me as gently as he could, placed me on the horse's back, dug the stirrup right into the horse’s side; and that steed galloped with fury toward the casualty clearing station. Would I be alive to reach the casualty clearing station? Would my soul be in eternity before my body was lifted from the horse? These were the thoughts that coursed through my mind. As I lay on that horse's back, I remembered a prayer that my father frequently offered at family worship. I prayed the prayer from my heart, ‘Oh, God, I'm dying. Will you make me as holy as a saved man can be?’ It was Robert Murray M’Cheyne's prayer. Instantly the power of God the Holy Ghost fell upon me on that horse's back, bringing cleansing and renewal until I felt as pure as an angel." "The consciousness of God was so real that he thought he was going straight to heaven. But God had other work for him to do, and this experience was preparation for it...The sequel to this divine visitation gave him his first taste of the supernatural work that can accompany the touch of the Holy Spirit upon His people. (Andrew Woolsey) "Some people say that there isn't such a thing as a definite experience of the Holy Ghost subsequent to conversion," said Campbell. "My conversion was real; my regeneration was wonderful; but it paled before the revelation of Jesus that came to me on that horse's back.

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Colin Murray

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How do people think of this verse :

'Put to death whatever belongs to your earthly nature, Sexual immorality, impurity, lusts' evil desire, greed' ?

I am not sure how waiting for God to come and change you fits in here. If indeed there are any waiting in that way.

David Keel

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 Lets look at the testimony of Hudson Taylor again.

 2013/5/3 6:32

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 Re: Lets look at the testimony of Hudson Taylor again.

There are two sins of man that are bred in the bone, and that continually come out in the flesh. One is self-dependence and the other is self-exaltation. It is very hard, even for the best of men, to keep themselves from the first error. The holiest of Christians, and those who understand best the gospel of Christ, find in themselves a constant inclination to look to the power of the creature, instead of looking to the power of God and the power of God alone.

Over and over again, Holy Scripture has to remind us of that which we never ought to forget, that salvation is God's work from first to last, and is not of man, neither by man. But so it is, this old error—that we are to save ourselves, or that we are to do something in the matter of salvation—always rises up, and we find ourselves continually tempted by it to step aside from the simplicity of our faith in the power of the Lord our God.

Why, even Abraham himself was not free from the great error of relying upon his own strength. God had promised to him that He would give him a son—Isaac, the child of promise. Abraham believed it, but at last, weary with waiting, he adopted the carnal expedient of taking to himself Hagar, to wife, and he fancied that Ishmael would most certainly be the fulfillment of God's promise; but instead of Ishmael's helping to fulfill the promise, he brought sorrow unto Abraham's heart, for God would not have it that Ishmael should dwell with Isaac. "Cast out," said the Scripture, "the bondwoman and her son; for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the free woman." Now we, in the matter of salvation, are apt to think that God is tarrying long in the fulfillment of His promise, and we set to work ourselves to do something, and what do we do?sink ourselves deeper in the mire and pile up for ourselves a store of future troubles and trials. Do we not read that it grieved Abraham's heart to send Ishmael away?

Ah! and many a Christian has been grieved by those works of nature which he accomplished with the design of helping the God of grace. Oh, beloved, we shall find ourselves very frequently attempting the foolish task of assisting Omnipotence and teaching the Omniscient One. Instead of looking to grace alone to sanctify us, we find ourselves adopting Philosophic rules and principles which we think will effect the Divine work. We shall but mar it; we shall bring grief into our own spirits. But if, instead thereof, we in every work look up to the God of our salvation for help, and strength, and grace, and succor, then our work will proceed to our own joy and comfort, and to God's glory. That error, then, I say is in our bone, and will always dwell with us, and hence it is that the words of the text are put as an antidote against that error.

It is distinctly stated in our text that salvation is of God. "Not for your sakes do I this." He says nothing about what we have done or can do. All the preceding and all the succeeding verses speak of what God does. "I will take you from among the heathen." "I will sprinkle clean water upon you." "I will give you a new heart." "I will put my Spirit within you." It is all of God: therefore, again recall to our recollection this doctrine, and give up all dependence upon our own strength and power.

REV. C. H. Spurgeon

Colin Murray

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hi david about paul wests book who was promoting it here a wile back ,,I only ever read excellent feed back from it ,and read some of what he posted in some of his treads relating to it ,,,maby some one else might be able to help find those threads ,,or greg Gordon might be able to

I have a strong feeling I should bye it my self

your last question ,,,,I can only say how i resist sin in my life ,and im not saying it works 100 percent of the time

but lets say how I resists fornication, adultery , drug taking partying drunkenness, stealing

one way is to begin with god has given be a new heart and his spirit he has put with in me he has changed my desires ,,he convicts me of sin ,I learnt to hate those sins ,and trusted believed (faith) that god would grant deep repentances ,,iknow this sounds stupid ,,,but I stepped out in faith resisting with faith ,,believing and trusting that god would continue to hold me

now I don't know if this will work with other sins that the holy spirit has shown me ,,because I do struggle with other sin in my life

im not where I want to be but I praise god im not where I once was not the man I want to be ,but im definitely not the man I used to be

and just in general when I pray and when I think as much as I can wich is not enough in my books ,,I labour to believe that when I pray and what I pray for will come to pass ,,,I labour and labour and resist the thought pattern that that god wont answer ,,,I resist the thought pattern whereby my mind is siting on the fence regarding my prayers and gods promises in these areas ....but as I said I need to labour more to expect trust and believe

there is a lot of joy and spiritual power ,hidden behind gift of faith , but I must exercise the gift ,and not neglect it ,,,just like the gift of exhortation


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 Re: A story

I remember hearing a story by a gospel preacher. There was a man who had two dogs. One was a black dog. The other was a white dog. The two dogs would always get into fights. If he fed the black dog more food. It wwould whump up on the white dog. If he fed the white dog mire food. It would whump up on the black dog.

Now I know some will object to the unsophisticated theological hokiness of the story. But if the black dog represents our sin nature or flesh. And the white dog represents our new nature in Christ. Then a truth is revealed. If we feed ourselves with the sin filled garbage of this world then we are going to be led into the depravity of this world. An example would be those who feed on porn, the Internet, television, etc. The sin nature is being energized and thoughts of sin abound.

Likewise those who feed on the word. Feed on the bread of life. Feed on Jesus himself. Feed on the heavenly truth will have victory over sin. Again one who treasures the word of God in their heart will not sin. But will strengthen that inner man to have victory over the flesh.

One has rightly observed that the word will keep you away from sin. Or sin will keep you away from the word.


 2013/5/3 9:18

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