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 God Is Only Interested in His Work; His Way

A Chinese underground Church leader noted: “God is only interested in His work, not our work. He overseas and empowers those things that originate in His heart.”99

Thus, “Is it found in the Book?” Should be one of the main questions we ask ourselves when part of a forming fellowship. If the direction, goals, vision, means and plans of a Church are not found within the Book of Acts and Scriptures one has to ask “Is it God’s will?” The early Christians did not question God’s ability to reach foreign cultures, Gentile idol worshipping peoples, rather they trusted the Lord daily to build His Church and took orders from the Spirit of God. Thus, the Church grew and many became obedient to the Faith.

God’s Word was glorified in many regions that had never heard the Good News.

We should also be very open to God’s leading in different local areas and not prescribe one style or method of meeting to be exactly replicated. Though there are principles and commands that all gatherings should exactly keep the same.

Yet there are many other differences of practice one can see in the Book of Acts and Epistles. Some examples can be meetings where one brother teaches, meetings where all share, gatherings where there are prophets, gatherings were there are strong teachers.

Also in some places the believers met daily in areas, in others they met each day for a teaching, in others prayer meetings, in others unbelievers were present, and in others they practiced the Lord’s Supper.

Thus we see a wonderful variety of meetings and we should not demand all assemblies to meet and form in one fashion. We should rejoice with the gathering that has one mature brother that teaches mostly compared to another assembly where every meeting all are encouraged to prophesy. This should be no standard especially in times of persecution God’s Spirit will lead in many different ways. In the underground Church in China primarily one brother will teach yet many are sent out as missionaries. It would be more fruitful in many countries to see this happen then simply a meeting where all get to share something but no missionaries are sent out. Such a meeting can just end in spiritual selfishness and self-importance rather then self-denial and humility.



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