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 Re: Pilgrim

Neil wrote:Believe me, belove me, you must believe me, I didn't write that to argue.....nO!!! what I saying, is this whole worldy set up....its SO MUCH deeper than mere politics, "left/right"......."ism's"...take for instance this recent Boston "lock down"....that was a trial see if they could "do it", and they can...nobody raised a concern, about "locking down" a WHOLE city, over a 19 year old boy with a pistol.


I was shocked at this as well it was scary.Actually very disturbing to watch...

The link is to a 6 min long video of when the searches were taking place. I want to make it clear that I am not saying anything against the officers doing their job. I was just stunned to watch these kinds of searches in this country. As I watched I just wondered where might these kinds of searches lead to in the future? These people being forced out of their homes are just average citizens, they were held at gun point and searched with out warrant...

We need to be in prayer

God bless

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 Re: Pilgrim

Well said HezWelling!!!

"Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

BTW, I love Duncan Campbell's testimony. A classic!!! Along with the testimony of other saints who died to self, fully surrendered, entirely sanctified, continually filled with the Holy Spirit, and controlled my God. Also, if you read the descriptive account of Rees Howells infilling it is another example of this normal Christian experience that many sought for... It is not something new, high or exotic; it is foundational to primitive Bible Christianity as preached by Paul. He called it perfection - but this word needs to be understood properly. It was the secret of success for many of the more recent spiritual giants that we still revere, such as Madame Guyon, the Wesleys, Adam Clarke, C.T. Studd, John Fletcher, Oswald Chambers, Matthew Henry, "Praying" Hyde, Smith Wigglesworth, John G. Lake and many, many others...

 2013/4/30 8:38

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Well, just to set the record straight, let me please say that I am not encouraging people to fear those who kill the body. Yes, we know they are all 'isms'. I wasn't trying to teach new "ism's".

This video is only an indication like so many others, that we are in the last hours and DON'T TRUST in anything or anyone except the Lord. Certainly not any particular political party.

The Government has become more brazen than ever. The "means justifies the end".

But God is in complete control and the safest place to be is in His will.

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