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 Limiting self seeking activities for your kids

Hi there,

I was reading a wonderful article that mentioned limiting self-seeking activities for our kids.

I just wondered for those of you who raised your children up in the Lord, what sorts of things and activities did you do with your kids or encourage them to do, to limit selfishness in their lives?

Thanks heaps

Mrs Carter

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 Re: Limiting self seeking activities for your kids


When we had children and they were young we lived on a three acre place in the country. We had all kinds of farm animals that needed to be cared for which they did. We also had lots of trees and the boys all built a tree house plus they climbed trees, built a rip line with telephone wire found in a dumpster before anyone knew what a ripline was. They would roam the countryside either by horseback, or bicycle - and this was before cellphones. In the house they helped with housework - they cooked, baked and washed dishes, kept their rooms clean and orderly. In the garden they tilled, pulled weeds. When we got fruits and vegetables they helped to prepare them for preserving.

You see in our family with five children - one girl and four boys - it took a lot of work to feed and cloth them and we expected them to help us and they did. But it was not all work and no play - there was plenty of time for it.

Back then we knew little about self-esteem. But in looking back I can promise you it suffered much when disobedience occurred. Today they do the same with their children. Our children now are 44-32 years old and they are doing well in their work. Self-esteem? Methinks a parent should concentrate to teach responsibility instead of being so concerned about self-esteem. Self-esteem may occur when they have done a job well.

My opinion....


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Limiting self seeking activities for your kids

It isn't easy. Start with some simple disciplines. What are the most basic areas for you and your family to deny yourselves? The right answer depends a bit on culture and lifestyle.

Fast together as a family. Start with just one meal. Have everyone in the entire family be perfectly quiet for 10 or 15 minutes. No talking at all teaches self control. Learn to work and to endure life's inconveniences without complaining. Just keep adding to the list as the Lord directs and you will be ready to serve the Lord in anything. If the Lord prompts you to give to a need, whether time or money, there is another opportunity to do what he wants instead of what you want.

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