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To be apart of a movement or be considered in it's fold you would have to hold to it's doctrine. To be apart of something, yet refuse its doctrine is to be a rebel in your own group."

I think that this is a very dangerous and deceptive understanding. Who has the authority to say "this and this is the doctrine of the WOrd of Faith movement" or any other movement? In order for such a thing to be authoritative, every single person who consideres themselves to be in the movement would have to sign a document agreeing with what is considered the doctrines of the movement.

Who is to say what is a "Word of Faith" universal doctrine? Just because someone has been labeled a "Word of Faith" teacher doesn't mean that whatever doctrine he proclaims speaks for the whole group. Or even if men who have been labeled in a certain group share common beliefs, that doesn't have the authority to be absolute in regards to the whole movement. Many involved with the movement may agree or disagree with many of the common doctrines or teachings.

The truth of this is illuminated if you think about "Christianity." Many people within this fold or movement disagree about many different doctrines but they are not considered rebels because no man has the authority to say "This and this, and this only, is Christian doctrine and to be a Christian you must accept every single part of it just as I understand it."

For instance, let's consider Martin Luther, who many would consider to be the founder of Protestantism. As has been recently mentioned on this site, he not only believed the book of James was "an epsitle of straw" and supposedly denied the apostolicity of James, Hebrews, Jude, and Revelation, it seems he also was anti-Semitic even to the point of violent opposition against the Jews (burning down synagogues, etc.). So must you agree with these things (which clearly would create major doctrinal problems) in order to be a Protestant?

And who has declared themselves to be a part of the Word of Faith movement? Have certain persons signed papers that have deemed them a "WOrd Faith-er", or have other men put that label on them? Labeling often leads to overgeneralization.

What I would really appreciate is taking one controversial doctrine at a time and seeing what we come up with. To treat it fairly. This takes much time and patience. If anyone is interested in pursuing this course, please start a new thread concerning a controversial doctrine.

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