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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : is gun control just the beginning?

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by MrBillPro on 2013/4/14 13:36:17

RDG, we all have different ideas/beliefs on what's coming down the road, I personally believe there are just some questions that go unanswered, this is what keeps us trusting in the Lord, he has all the answers. Something is happening around this whole world, and it's a spiritual battle, remember our struggle is not against flesh and blood, we can "only" fight this spiritual battle in prayer, it's the only weapon God gave us to fight the spiritual battles with. As for as your question of what part does the homosexuals have? This is just my opinion, they are just another pawn for the opposition.

yes mrbii
i agree with you we need to pray. i don't know what is coming myself i hope i did not come across that way. just that i know that we need to be in prayer.

i think you are right those involved in the homosexual community are pawns and they are being used to push an agenda.

the Bible does say we will be hated but we need to respond in love toward those who will persecute us.


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Why did Jesus say "two swords were enough". What was He referring to?

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