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 1.2 Million chinese killed by the enviroment ...

Yes your eyes are NOT playing tricks on you 1.2 million chinese have died in the year of 2010 from qoute "air pollution" end qoute.

Now According to accurate data and research information it has been revealed the above statistic is both authentic and true! Furthermore air pollution deaths came in fourth as the largest threat to the health of the chinese people after:

~ ~ dietary risks
~ ~ high blood pressure
~ ~ and nicotene addiction

Indeed air pollution is a way of life now in major cities such as beijing, where citizens are often seen wearing breathing masks when outdoors.

They do this to (of course) to protect themselves against pm 2.5 particles which are tiny pollutants that affect the lungs and are major contributors to conditions such as cancer, brochitus, and asthma.

Jesus did forewarn us in the last days to expect plagues and pestilence:

Stay tuned - it will get worse - before it gets - better

Bro Stephen

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