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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Saddleback Church Says Rick Warren’s Son Has Committed Suicide

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Thanks to each one of you, I did not mean to hijack this thread, as my heart also goes out to Rick. I can say I have been in Rick's shoes, and the hurt is beyond measure. I have never lived alone in 61 years, and now I do.I know my son Daniel has gone home, he accepted Jesus into his life many years ago, he loved the Lord, I guess he just could not find the peace he was looking for here.

My oldest son Chris, who does not believe in God, come by yesterday with a look on his face I have never seen before, his face was almost glowing. Chris told me Dad, I had a dream about Daniel last night, Chris's exact words "Dad we spoke in the dream, and Daniel was so happy and full of a kind of joy I could not understand, and he told me he don't even remember how he got here" I did not pressure Chris to tell me one other word, I took those words and run with them. I could have said, Chris, Daniel was in heaven, and if you want to see him again you better wake up, but God told me to not say another word, even as bad as I wanted to use his dream to wake him up.

I don't really understand why God used Chris to see this dream, but I have not said another word about the dream to Chris, because it might lead to the evil one causing confusion in Chris's head about the dream. I heard just enough, to satisfy myself that God was using Chris's dream, for conformation to let Dad know, Daniel is in God's arms.
It's amazing the mixed responses I have had, I had one friend text me and tell me he just could not even call me and talk to me about it, because he has children, that he could not even imagine, and he just would not know what to say. There is no words anyone can really say that will ease the pain, only the grace of God and time will ease the pain.


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Mr. Bill,

Our hearts go out to you, and we pray for the comfort of the Holy Spirit to be with you and your family, just as we are praying for the Warren family.

The Lord gave me a dream after my brother's passing that brought great peace to my soul, because I was unsure of his salvation.

In His Love,



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