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 Steve Hill's message

I listened to Steve Hill's message while at work today. I was a little worried going into it because of the Brownsville thing and some of the things I saw there but the title of the message intrigued me enough to pull me in.

Steve Hill comes across as a typical evangelist in this message. I think of a toned down Rod Parsley type of guy. Contrast him with early Billy Graham and the message is different and delivered differently. He took me back to when I went to pentecostal churches and I kept asking myself ( I wonder what he has in his closet) because he mentions Christians who drink. I thought, well, what is worse: Christians who drink or Christian who willingly commit adultery even are even liars with no character? The drink seems to be a pet peeve among pentecostals.

I understand what Steve's Message is but only for me his style of delivery doesn't do much for me and it is because the pentecostal style dries me out. In the end it becomes a circus act. Steve didn't do an circus act but he came right to the line of it, at least for me.

btw, I like the expression on his face on sermonindex. It has the emotion of someone who is very concern. I like the passion in it!



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