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 Christian Apologist Says Social Media Like the Tower of Babel

Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias recently discussed the ramifications of social media on society and implied that the Internet phenomenon was like the Tower of Babel from the Bible.

He began his discussion of social media that is posted in a video at by answering the question, "Isn't Facebook bad?"
"I think that's a great question and I frankly think it is an enormously vital phenomenon," Zacharias said. "Most of us, particularly my generation, do not fully understand it because many in my vintage will not often use it to its full extent. I don't even understand the ramifications of it sometimes, but I will tell you what, we've watched recent movements in continents and sub-continents, watched demagogues overthrown, watched systems changed, [and] watched revolutions begin."

Zacharias, who wrote several books including Why Jesus? Rediscovering His Truth In An Age of Mass Marketed Spirituality, said the idea of commonality and coming together, which is found in social media, goes all the way back to the book of Genesis when mankind wanted to build a tower for its own glory and for its own edifice.

"They wanted to come together and all of a sudden the Bible says in an incredible way [that] the languages were confused and the people could not communicate with each other," he explained. "Well, the social media is the new Tower of Babel."

However, he said that anything such as social media that has such capacity is not intrinsically evil.

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