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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : "Christians can only " thump the Bible" as a response to gay marriage

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Ginneyrose writes.......

"Then you will have social workers who will be instructed to place foster children in these homes - if they apply. This could put social workers in a quandary if they possess any principles."

This is a great point. Last year in Britain, a court ruled that a Christian couple were not suitable for adoption because of what they believed in regard to homosexuals. This is the beginning of the separation, before a people can be fully persecuted, they must first be branded so as to make it acceptable to the public at large.

TMK, if a homosexual couple move in next door my advice would be to speak the truth in love. I do not mean knock on the door and say " excuse me, do you know you are going to hell?" what I do mean is that the Holy Spirit will create an opening, as He has done with me several times. My neice stayed with me for two years a few years ago, she is an avowed lesbian. She encountered the Love of God and the truth, this she will never be able to deny...........bro Frank

 2013/3/29 17:41

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