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 Street Meetings

I have noticed that some of you are involved in conducting street meetings. Most recently I was thrilled to hear about the way God has been opening doors for KingJimmy...for those of you who are involved in this ministry I would love your feedback.

I have been training for full time pastoral work, but lately (the fault of sermonindex ;-)) I've felt a deep need to go out on the streets. There are many many churches in the city where i live but there is high level of violence and crime...ours is one of the worst for its size and yet we are doing almost nothing to reach the people who don't come to church.

I've talked with another member of this forum who is involved in street meetings and received some valuable advice. But I am hungry for more...I have never done this before and since no-one here is doing this work i'm at a bit of a loss. I'm willing to take the plunge (i plan on seeking church support and volunteers) but if i have a resource among you I would love to take advantage of it.

Those of you who are involved in this kind of ministry have (i'm sure) a wealth of wisdom on the subject...what would you share with someone like myself? What practical advice would you give? Spiritual advice? And very simply - how do you do it? how do you start.

Thanks so much!! Looking forward to hearing from you.

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 Re: Street Meetings

Hello Stephen2
There seems to be a lot of people that our Lord is prompting to "take to the streets" with His message. I have felt a strong call to become involved with this kind of ministry. I have no formal training, aside from leading study groups, and work at an inner city mission, but I feel a need to do this. I believe that the Lord is gifting people to take his Message to the street, because the need is so great, and the "church" is loosing the vision to reach the lost.
I hope that it is ok to promote a couple of websites that will be a wonderfull blessing to you. The first is this site has a large selection of encouraging messages, and testemonies from street preachers actually doing this minestry now. One 35 min. message can be found on their home page presented by Jesse Morell called "Street Meetings", this message is not verry far down on the page. This site allows you to listen on line, or to download for free any message that you want.
You can also check out Ray Comfort, and Kirk Camerons site at . They have many ressources that you can listen to, and download for free as well. I hope this will
I can not tell you how thrilled I am to hear of other people who have been given the same heart from the Lord.. May God truly Bless you in this work. In Christ Greg


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go to

there is 1 dvd and 1 cd that may be a blessing to you

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