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 Korea is a loose cannon (and a threat to world peace)?

Those of you following what is taking place in north and south korea would know and be privy to how fragile and volatile the situation really is. It truly is an on-going saga and unfolding drama (and that almost daily) However in the midst of all the innuendo and accusations flying around (regarding missile building and nuclear testing etc) lies yet another ten headed monster and headache for the united nations (namely world unrest) which is a hindrance to - yes you guessed it "world peace" ( Mmm not good, not good at all peoples) Is there any end or resolution in sight to all this de-stabilizing commotion?

Well Watch this space: I suppose.

The saga continues...

But at the minute personally i wouldnt hold your breath:

For any instant, or immediate, or long term solution (sadly)

I hope there is - but this just keeps - taking on - more and more twists and turns. Its too hard to know for sure and certain.

Bro Stephen

 2013/3/28 9:38Profile

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 Re: Korea is a loose cannon (and a threat to world peace)?

Read on another site yesterday that declared while N. Korea has the equipment to fight, they do not have the fuel to maintain it. However, they will not start a war without the permission and backing of China.

It is as my brother would say, 'the plot thickens!'

Sandra Miller

 2013/3/28 11:43Profile

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