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 Prayer Point-the Korean Peninsula

(before i post this article from CNN, i've been involved in someway in Korea, since i was 17, thats 1977, i was taught the Korean language, and served in Korea with naval intel. When the armistace was signed in 1953, the devastation of the Korean peninsula was so absolute and total, to the point, even when i showed up in 1978, signs still abounded, that this was land, a nation still rebuilding. When came to walk with Jesus, i was drawn to the Korean Church in Los Angeles, and brethern, you simply must be at/experience a prayer meeting of Korean saints....its something to behold...truly, when we speak of 'crying out to God', these dear saints actually walk that ministry, and its NOT mere emotionalism, i cant explain it. Today, Korea has rebuilt itself into a first world nation, and its not just carnal efforts of do i know?..consider this; America sends out the most missionaries a year, 10,000 plus....South Korea with a population maybe a tenth to sixth of ours, coms in second, and they send out 10,000 plus...maybe 200 less than the US does......thats very Good, wouldnt you say? this recent insanity unleashed by this new "pharoah" MOST DEFINITELY, his very mind has been forged in the pit of hell, as the people of north korea, have been inculcated FROM BIRTH to "worship" the kim family as actual "gods"...its THAT bad....

You see, coming at this from a military mind, which is where God placed me in my youth, there is no way, north korea can "win" a war...or even "prevail", because they dont control the air. In modern nation state warfare, if you do not have mastery of the air, air power, you will lose. It doesnt matter if north korea has 1.1 million battle hardened soliders and the South has 640,000, we, the US would send in not only 4 divisions in short order, we would subject the north to such a battering from the air, it would boggle the mind. BUT, God forbd, this come to pass, the north can absolutely destroy Seoul, cause millions of deaths, and bring such unimaginable grief and suffering......the question is why?

With South Korea, you have a Glorious Example of a Nation, actually on a national scale, getting right with God, and of course, the devil, the destroyer brims with rage and fury, and in the face of this new pharoah, kim jong un, you witness demonic possession...and what is the devils "call" kill and destroy.

Please pray that God's Will be done, pray for peace, pray for Korea.

Editor's note: Andrew Salmon is a South Korea-based freelance journalist and author who has written two books on the Korean war. Below, he envisages a hypothetical, worst-case scenario of potential conflict on the Korean peninsula. CNN is not suggesting that war is imminent or even likely, but the possibility of conflict is one scenario that military strategists must consider given recent heightened tensions.

Seoul (CNN) -- It's Asia's nightmare scenario: War breaking out on the Korean peninsula.

With Korea lying at the heart of Northeast Asia, the world's third largest zone of economic activity after Western Europe and North America, experts say global capital markets would suffer devastating collateral damage, but the catastrophic loss of human life -- and potential nuclear fallout -- would be far, far worse.

iReport: Have your say about the North Korean crisis

Fortunately, no analysts believe "Korean War II" is imminent; the armistice ending the 1950-53 conflict that buried millions continues to hold, despite North Korea's nullification in March. And with regime maintenance Pyongyang's paramount policy, few think it would risk an attack.

But Kim Jong Un's experience and rationality is being questioned following his recent missile and nuclear tests, his annulment of the armistice and his bellicose vitriol -- extreme even by Pyongyang standards.

 2013/3/28 8:48

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