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 Prayer if you feel so led...


I have been struggling with pain for some time now in my left shoulder and it has now gotten to the point where I have very limited mobility. The pain gets terribly bad at times but I have attempted to continue on in my daily activities of caring for a busy house and family. I am finding it more difficult to do much and so would be most grateful for prayer. Even typing out this post has begun to cause me much pain and this just breaks my heart because my fellowship here with other believers has meant a great deal to me. Please if you feel led to pray for me that would be great. It is my left shoulder that has been hurting for some time but I believe I made it worse by shoveling heavy snow last week. As with all things though, I know the LORD has for me to learn from this also and to depend on HIM all the more. I just ask for healing if it be HIS will and if not that I remember HIS grace is sufficient and that through CHRIST all things are possible.

God bless and thank you

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 Re: Prayer if you feel so led...

(((Praying for you)))

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 Re: Prayer if you feel so led...

Will pray for you, MaryJane.


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Sounds like 'Frozen Shoulder'

Dear MaryJane,

What you describe is often called Frozen Shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis (med term).

I had this one time after a fall broke my left shoulder. I could not afford to go to the Dr. for about 3 months, I know the pain well. Finally got an exray and the bone had healed correctly but the muscles were still frozen. They sent me to therapy (one time) and we took notes. My husband made me a pulley thing and I did the stretching exercises 3-4 times a day. In less than 2 weeks I could move it again. I kept packs of frozen peas in the freezer to use as ice bags, best applied after the stretches.

If you didn't have a fall, this condition is also a side effect of diabetes. Have you had your blood glucose level checked lately?

When sleeping the pain was worse, I guess you know that. I used to think of the pioneers who went West in this country. A fall from a horse could cause serious injury with no doctors, they did what they had to do and kept going. God is always with you, he brought you to this and will see you through.

Sorry for your pain, love, Janice


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thank you for your prayers. At my husbands insisting I did go see the doctor today and they believe I have rotator cuff tendonitis. The doctor wants me to get xrays, have physical therapy and pain medicine. I have decided against the medicine she wanted me to take Tremadol. The side effects seemed to me not worth it so I will stick with prayer. I have to see if insurance covers therapy but my husband and I are considering some home treatment options and of course prayer.

Yes the pain is so much worse when trying to sleep. I had read that some found relief by sleeping in a recliner and have thought I might try this? I have also read that sleeping with your arm above your head my help.

I am thankful the LORD is with me and I know HIS strength will sustain me.

God bless and thank you

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