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My dear sister writes.........

"As such when they came together it wasn't a meeting it was brothers and sisters sharing, listening, caring for, and loving one another in HIM. It wasn't any kind of function, it was natural and organic, it was was living life daily one to another in HIM! They weren't "doing" Church, they were Church"

Yes indeed sister, yes indeed, we are the Church. A long time ago the "Church," was redefined by men as something separate from the people. They created a building and a system and they called it their own. This is always the folly of men. Consider this, consider what men would do with this. Say, we had in our possession , the bush that burned and the sand that surrounded it when Moses encountered the Lord.

It would be venerated and visited by the masses of people and it would be worshiped. Yet all it would be would be a bush and some sand. It is the presence of God that makes the ground Holy, whether it is a bush, some sand, a building , a living room, a basement. God dwells within His people. They are the Church. They are living stones, built upon the chief stone, the cornerstone. When two or three of them gather together, then He is there in the midst of them.

Two or three brothers and sisters. Not one, for one can worship and pray alone and come before the throne, but to the two or three there lies the promise. This corporate presence of God is unique and beautiful and Holy and majestic. It cannot be compared. It cannot because it was created that way, praise the Lord. Now if I know that and you know that then the enemy of our souls knows that too.

This, I would charge, would become one of his greatest tasks, to destroy genuine gatherings of the saints. He has had much success but has ultimately failed. Just when he thinks he has down a wonderful job, then God begins to call all His children all over the world, His remnant children to come together for these, the final days. What seems like the enemy's greatest victory will become his ultimate defeat.

As the saints begin to gather in defiance of his works, then he will expose himself and come against them with hell and all of it's fury. And then, in the midst of all of that, the Bridegroom returns for His bride. The lion of Judah returns and He rides, not on a donkey but on a stallion. Not now as the Lamb but as the Lion. He comes to bring justice and judgement. There will be a fire in His eyes and a two edged sword in His mouth, glory to God, glory to God.................bro Frank

 2013/3/25 0:36


AD writes...........

"So primarily this is what we should be seeking, and not how to "do" church, as MJ said. If I have this-- this love, this glory-- I won't have a problem knowing what I should "do" in a meeting. It'll just flow out of me. And if I don't have it, whatever I "do" is likely going to be somewhat artificial."

Amen brother.............bro Frank

 2013/3/25 12:07

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I was converted during my college days. As I remember, the campus fellowship that I attended then has almost daily christian gatherings;

-a day primarily for sing inspiration (learning and singing
christian songs).
-a day primarily for sharing our experiences,
-a day primarily for prayer meeting,
- a day or two primarily for little group bible study (we gather first as a whole group for short briefing then divide, no permanent bible study cell, no permanent facilitator, everybody gets to know everyone in the fellowship ),
-a day for worship (no sermon, almost pure singing)
-sunday worship service (with sunday sermons, breaking of bread).
-evangelism campaign from time to time.

Attendance is generally excellent, we share money, food, shelter, and other materials with everybody, that no one needs to be hungry or stop schooling . We fund our own fellowship, there is no pastor but a core group of elders (students, university faculty and staff), daily activities facilitators, and spiritual advisers of missionaries or pastors from different denominations who deliver sunday sermon from time to time.

Full of good memories, I was converted during 'charismatic revival' of early 1980's.

One thing I noted later while attending other fellowship groups_ that new christians should be offered indoctrination or discipleship program as soon as they are recognized. Elders should not wait for the new convert to come to them but be responsible to voluntary offer themselves for mentoring discipleship (for Christ alone) and bible study program.

And elders should not remain in their seats but go welcome and greet especially the new faces, and those that seems burdened and see what help can be done for them, while maintaining their privacy especially in prayer meetings.

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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes


This post by appolus has generated a lot of interest and with good cause.

At least the man is asking the question and provoking thought!
(no harm in that) - plus - plus he is endeavouring to bring fresh manna
by launching himself full swing into it - adding his own thoughts.
(along the way) kudos and bravo i say. Dont worry about the critics post and write as you see it ( you will be admired ) if you preach without fear and without regard to the "persons" of men. (as was Christ)

Keep on keeping on Appolus!

Dont ever be detered or discouraged brother!

One thing i would add appolus - if i may?

And that is paul often re-iterated "our gathering together" is unto Christ!

It is Not unto men, not unto personalities, not even unto pastors or to shepherds - but unto Christ - who is the head of the church.

(the true captain of our salvation)

and saviour of our soul. Amen and Amen.

Not everyone always agrees with you - but that is just par for course in "forum life" You take it on the chin (sometimes) and resist replying...

Jesus many times flat refused to answer a "word"

Grace would have it - we dont always - answer back.

God and truth - will always WIN OUT!.

God bless

Thanks for the post !!!


Bro Stephen

 2013/3/26 4:34Profile


Dear SOT,

Your post is timely to me, very timely and I thank you so much for it, I take your words as from the Spirit of the Lord and is a deep encouragement to me. Thank you again, the Lord sees the battle, in fact He sees all things does He not? ...........bro Frank

"God and truth - will always WIN OUT!." (This particularly stood out brother)

 2013/3/26 5:07

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Son Of Thunder i come from a land down under, due south at the bottom of your work globes


Your most welcome frank

you post with an honest and sincere heart:

And that is really all we could ask: really

Your a good man.

God love you Bro !!!!


Bro Stephen

 2013/3/26 5:18Profile

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