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 Belarussians, Ukrainians & Russians!


I was just curious... especially after checking out the link Greg posted the other day of how many people, all around the world are accessing this site, are there any Belarussians, Ukrainians or Russians posting in this forum?

I was very excited to discover a forum on Calvary Chapel Mission Ukraine's website yesterday !!! I visited that very church when I went to the Ukraine for a couple weeks this past summer to help out at a summer camp for street kids. I'm going again this summer! God is definitely giving me great vision for the trip and much excitement. I'm trying my best, and by God's enabling, to learn as much of the Russian language as possible. So if you guys could keep me in prayer for that.

Also... this is for anyone interested, have you all been on a mission trip before? Would any of you like to go on one this summer to the Ukraine? We have the beginnings of a team started, but once again, we have a major need for men to go. We'll be mostly ministering to boys, ages... 8 to 19. I've been praying that God would provide those He would want to be a part of the team, but thought I would also make the need known. For information about what the camp is like, visit . The dates of the trip are June 19 to July 1, 2005. If you would like an application, pm or email me. The deadline for applying will be by May.

If you feel led to, please pray for this trip, that God would continue to prepare me and those who are going, and for God to do a life changing work in all the street kids that will be coming. Thank you very much!

Yolanda Fields

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 Re: Belarussians, Ukrainians & Russians!

Belarussians, Ukrainians or Russians posting in this forum?

None that have given that information in the members' list anyway.

Ron Bailey

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If you feel led to, please pray for this trip, that God would continue to prepare me and those who are going, and for God to do a life changing work in all the street kids that will be coming.

I am praying and will really consider going if its God's will, its exciting to see what you are doing and I am even more excited to possibly be a part of it.

wow how cool is that!!! Its awesome to see the russian characters! I am sure there are people that visit the site from those countries and are members. It would be great to see if there are some please reply to this post.

It's great to hear what you are involved in and the opportunities God is giving you to serve youth from another country, Yolanda! Praise God.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Escondido, California


Спасибо, Грег! (Thank you, Greg)

Here's something that might be encouraging where revival is concerned. I read this article in the most recent Calvary Chapel Magazine yesterday. I'll share some bits with you guys. It's about the presidential re-elections that happened in the Ukraine back on December 26, 2004 and how God was able to use the local churches to be a part of this world history.

[i]by Sharon Markey[/i]

In a rare show of unity, Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Christians set aside their differences to call out for God's guidance in Ukraine's recent presidential elections.

While most supported West-leaning opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko, there were those who supported Moscow-backed Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, including more than half of the Russian Orthodox Church that had been the recipients of overwhelming favoritism from the pro-Russian candidate...

Calvary Chapels in and near Kiev used the mass demonstrations as an opportunity to share the Gospel. Providing food, hot tea, and a listening ear to those impacted by the events, they were able to tell people about the true battle raging for their souls...

Millions of people gathered in the streets, but because of the influence of Christian leaders and the church, the demonstrations were more like [u]revivals[/u]. On the main stage in Independence Square, denomination officials led the crowds in prayer at the beginning and close of each day, and music groups led the people in singing the song, "A Prayer for Ukraine." Signs and banners bearing phrases like "Salvation is Only in Jesus" and "God Loves Ukraine" were scattered among the orange flags and Yushchenko signs. No shops were vandalized, and no one was drinking - which is unheard of among any crowd to gather in Ukraine...

With voter fraud greatly reduced in the December 26 election, West-leaning opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko emerged victorious and was officially sworn in on January 23. In his inaugural speech, he gave glory to God and vowed to fight corruption.

"I believe the Orange Revolution was a work of God; it was not the work of man," said Pastor George Markey of Calvary Chapel Kiev. "Hundreds of thousands of people, fed up with corruption and unrighteousness, united together to take a stand for freedom and justice. God has answered our prayers for Ukraine in a way we never could have imagined."

I can agree and testify to that. I prayed that Viktor Yushchenko would win the elections and was very surprised to discover that he ended up winning. I'm hoping that his fight against corruption will have a positive impact on how the street children I'm going to minister to again this summer, are treated. God's already done an amazing work, opening up the door for many missionaries to go to Ukraine to share the Gospel. He's been so faithful to take care of so many orphans and street kids all over Ukraine. And now he's blessed this nation with this new president. I'm very excited to be a part of this history and am amazed at what God is doing for this people!

- - -

If any of you are at all interested in what's going on in Ukraine, please share. And if it's on your heart to do so, pray for this country.

[b]Ukraine Summer Mission Trip Opportunity[/b]
[i]Sunday, June 19* to Friday, July 1, 2005[/i]

A 2 week camp for street kids, about 30 boys and a few girls, ages 7 to 19, who count this as the highlight of their year. Spend time playing games, sports, doing crafts, Bible lessons, music and building relationships. Organized by Radstock's Children in Crisis Project . Please pm or email me if interested.

*[i]those coming from the US will leave Saturday, June 18[/i]

[b]Kiev Report[/b]
This is a newsletter I put together last summer from my journal entries the 2 weeks I was in Ukraine. You'll see the faces and read the touching accounts of the work God did in these kids' lives.

Yolanda Fields

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