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 If some people can be so fascinationg...

I was listening to a sermon by Zac Poonen the other day - and Mr. Poonen made this remark about how some people are so fascinating. He remarked that we have to admit that some people are remarkable - their lives are so interesting, their personality is so attractive - they are bigger than life, and spending time with such people is anything but boring.

He then said, how much more interesting, and fascinating will it be to fellowship with the God who gave them that personality?

I thought it was a wonderful observation.


Daniel van de Laar

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 Re: If some people can be so fascinationg...


thank you for bringing our focus back onto the Lord! That's what it's all about! :-)

In His love, chanin


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 Re: The sum total

....of all that has ever been and all that ever will be, God is beyond. Ever talent given to man, ever skill, every gift and every anointing, He far exceeds. If you ever meet Him, you will never be the same, nor will you ever want to be.

He once told me, "Lahry, your wildest imagination far exceeds the least of My ability". Oh my, He is a wonderful and incredibly sovereign God. Do you KNOW Him?

 2005/3/12 14:08

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