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 Prayer Guide for Supreme Court ruling on Same Sex Marriage

I am contacting you about this most pressing and urgent matter. Most of you are engaged in prayer ministry or church leadership, and are aware of the Supreme Court ruling on Same Sex Marriage this summer. I issued a call to prayer at the end of last year. Actually I expressed the need for prayer two years ago when California circuit court overturned the voters Prop 8 rights. I issued the call for praeyr in the hopes of more directed, specific and prevailing times of prayer for this decision. I believe that the outcome of this ruling on same sex marriage will determine whether we have a future in this nation or not. No nation has survived when they legalized and permitted sin such as same sex marriages.

And although many of our prayer ministries have put this prayer concern before the people, many were looking for a needed prayer guide. Many in the churches need such a thing in their hands and before them to teach them to pray rightly as well, as encourage them to maintain. Several different groups are working on such a prayer guide, but due to the urgency of time, I have gone ahead and submitted this for your use as you see fit. Feel free to use at your convenience and promote whatever I have on my blogs for use in bringing this historic decision before the Lord's people for continual prayer.

The prayer guide below is a link to my blog posts. I have set up the prayer guide to cover 30 days. The first 10 days are finished and I will add to it as time permits to complete within the next week. There are approximately 120 days before the ruling, meaning that a person or group can cycle this 4 times in praying over the court case and its decision.
I have used 4 components for the guide: Scripture reference; Prayer Petition - what is to be prayed over in reference to the Scripture; Importance - why is this prayer petition important in light of this case; and an example of Prayer to complete it.

I believe strongly, that Roe vs. Wade brought about great wrath and anger of the Lord upon this nation and upon the church for failing to prevail with Him; so this case will be our undoing. There will be no future for our children or grandchildren if same sex marriage is made the law of the land. And with so much laying upon this court case, we as God's intercessors and prayer warriors should pray like we have never prayed before. Let our prayer be united, bold, faithful, believing and empowered to make sure, this does not happen on our watch.

Prayer Guide:

A very severe warning

the actual 'call to prayer'

I wait to hear from you on this most pressing matter of prayer.

dan biser
[email protected]

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