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 Can the truth of God's Word be comnunicated through visual medium?

In looking at the thread regarding the Bible series I was prompted to pose tbis question. Can the truth of God Word, the Scriptures if you will, be communicated through venues such as movies?

Your thoughts, please.


 2013/3/6 8:42

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 Re: Can the truth of God's Word be comnunicated through visual medium?

Why not? Some people learn through reading while others learning through visual and still others learn through both.

Look at the Jesus movie shown across the world.


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I agree with DEADn there are many wonderful movies that have spoken truth and not watered it down at all that can help us grow in CHRIST. This recent adaptation of the Bible series itself just did not really work for me but as I said in another thread if someone should watch it and dig deeper into the WORD then it is good. I think we have to be careful in using broad strokes and applying them to such a topic. Just because one production falls short does not mean all series/movies are not done well. One such movie that I recommend is: The Visual Bible: The Gospel of John. This movie I believe was done very well and really spoke to me.

There are several movies that GOD has used in my life to speak to me and to open my eyes to areas of my life that are not of HIM.

These are just my thought and what GOD has used in my life :)

God bless

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Visual art has been used to convey biblical truth and concepts since the earliest days of the church.

Nevertheless, from the beginning right up to the present day, many Christian leaders have denounced theater (and modern film).

Personally, I think vibrant debate over the edifying value of any particular Christian artistic expression is a good practice. We shouldn't be passive receivers, but engage head on what ever we are presented.

Having said that, overall I enjoyed watching the program with my college age son. In the very least, the History Channel didn't assail me the obligatory parade of liberal pinheads explaining away the bible. I saw the brief and uneven story treatment as being akin to the tradition of bible murals, wherein large expanses of biblical time are depicted through a series of vignetted scenes placed sequentially right next to each other on a long wall. Like any art, it took license with it's subject matter. In 2000 years, we've probably yet to see that one painting or movie that shows us who the historical Jesus or Christian really looked like or behaved... unless the Shroud of Turin is an authentic ancient polaroid. (Wouldn't that be remarkable!?)



Mike Compton

 2013/3/6 9:54Profile

 Re: Can the truth of God's Word be comnunicated through visual medium?

Some people are naturally very observant and see much more than most people see. Probably even within those who are "visually" oriented there are sometimes profound differences. It is not without good reason that western societies have degenerated almost parallel with visual entertainment. In fact the power of observation is so real that there is a whole occult school devoted to just that subject, of being able to gain knowledge through the eyes. We know that the eyes and the mouth are the two physical instruments which we are either told to guard against or else if necessary, in the case of the eyes to rip out in preference to them becoming a cause of stumbling ones self and others even unto the point of hell. The word carousing carries with it both sides of what the eyes can mean if they are not guarded and do not come under the control of a renewed conscience. To carouse is to go about "looking" as well as to be seen. It is a snare on the one hand (being seen) and a trap on the other, (seeing). I don't doubt this will be easily dismissed but I thought I would just say it.

I have always and will continue to reject completely out of hand all efforts to communicate the Gospel by visual means. Thats not to say that I deny God' sovereignty to use what ever means He chooses to use to communicate the Gospel unto being born again. For spiritual growth however, I even deny that God would use such a means to teach, given that the one who has the Holy Spirit already has the only true teacher. Of course to the innocent all things are innocent. But then the innocent do not need a teacher.

 2013/3/6 9:56

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In the very least, the History Channel didn't assail me the obligatory parade of liberal pinheads explaining away the bible.

yes! this was indeed a breath of fresh air! those shows on history will be coming soon though, as they always do at easter time. dont be surprised if the history channel adds sum more 'bible expose' shows to the roster after the bibe series ends; all in the name of 'equal time' and 'fairness' of course.

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 Re: :0)

Hi Mike how's it going?

I like christian expression in all its forms, including media or in movies etc..."Facing Your Giants" (I think that was the name of it?) and "Fire Proof", were movies that were relevant to our present culture and had a strong christian witness and also presented the gospel, they did as Proverbs instructs by making knowledge acceptable to the hearer. My real only point with the "Bible" is that I believe they did not strive for excellence in the making of it.I do not even mind them taking liberties, they just did it poorly. Maybe it was done well and destroyed in editing, who knows? They obscured the entire reason Sodom had to be destroyed and covered it with a cloak of vagueness, no doubt the current social condition and pressures played a part in that. What I saw was kinda like cheap tricks to entertain through a difficult subject matter without offending anyone. Can't comment beyond this because I fell asleep:/. The rest of it may have been better.


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 Re: Can the truth of God's Word be comnunicated through visual medium?

Unfortunately i think the best it produces is something along the lines of "The Message". There is too much interpretation done at the production level so that what you get isn't truth but an interpretation of the truth. I agree that some are better than others, I liked the Gospel of John and The Nativity Story, and they can be used in evangelism and edification, but when it comes down to it, God gave people, filled with the Holy Spirit, as the medium by which to convey truth. For those who can't read, let someone speak it to them, for those who can but don't 'learn best that way', well the Holy Spirit is the Helper we need.

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Compton mentioned the shroud of turin... i must say the history channel program on the shroud called "The face of Jesus" was absolutely fascinating. I was always a.strong shroud doubter but after seeing that now i am not so sure.

It was first on a couple of years ago but they will probably replay it running up to Easter. I highly recommend it.


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 Re: Can the truth of God's Word be comnunicated through visual medium?

Well i will share a personal testimony, when i just became a christian, a friend of mine, the only christian influence i grew up with through his parents, watched a christian movie. Now he had grown up with christian parents and in time of need God used them to convert me to some measure.

But he was yet unconverted, but we watched this movie and as we where watching and there was a scene where one of the cast where converted and the Lord did something inside the movie. And he was so touched, i guess by my conversion and change and the movie he sais "everything" my parents told me for 20+ years just hit me like truck in that one scene.

Not long after he repented and placed his trust in the Lord. and it was a "mainstream" christian movie i today do not hold maybe all the "theological" views of , but it was the instrument the Lord used as a final instrument or the last drop that made the cup overflow....

So i am convinced god may use any means to bring a sinner to repentance, even the visual media.


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