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 Sobering words from Dan Biser

Here is what I see:

--a new assualt on marriages is gaining ground; there was a period about 2 years ago, where it seemed everyweek Georgie was coming with another couple to pray for in their marriage; it was like a spreading plague, in the church and out of the church; within the last two weeks, an alarming number of marriages are under attack again;

--a major assualt by Satan's croonies and their public support of sin and abomination; I don't think that it has ever been this blatant or bold in their speaking publicly to call evil, good; President, major officals, ceo's of major buisnesses; It was always one thing for hollywood and actors and actresses to support sin, but now it is the whole of society; And what troubles me most, is that I haven't heard one word of the church leaders, to speak out and condemn such language;

--a continual destruction of lives, homes, and generations with drug usage in the church and out of the church; prescription drugs as well as illegal drugs; too many in the church condemn the heroin and cocaine addict, but they are hooked on every pill under the sun; we are a pill taking nation

--a spirally affect now of this younger generation and there pursuit of self and sin; thankful to those God is calling and using, but huge numbers of this younger generation do not even know about Christ and eternity;

It just seems within this last week, that there has been such numerous accounts of evil and the support of evil, almost faster than I can keep track of. I see the boldness of the world and sinners; I see the fear and cowardness of the church; I see the self-righteousness of prayers in the body (oh, how they love to pat their backs because they are praying); but answer the question -' Have you prevailed?' Catholics say their rosary prayers everyday; Muslums pray 5 times a day; the buddihists are praying every day, does that account for anything? People in the church are offended at me, because I dare challenge their prayer calls, time and methods. But it is simply this, is their prevailing in the prayers of the Lord's church today?

I shared with you a few weeks ago, that in January, as I prayed against the evil of these murder-suicides, that toward the end of January, they greatly decreased and was almost stopped. I left off praying as I was against this, taking more credit for me doing it. And as I have left off, what has happened, FEbruary has seen a spiike in the last two weeks of almost 2 per day. And now I am back at it, more vigourous and resolved. And over the last days, only 1 in 4 days has been reported. and it was a failed attmept. This is prevailing prayer to go from 12 in a week, to 1 in a week.

And why? I Samuel 17:29, 'What have I now done? Is there not a cause?'
I love the questions of the Bible (another bible phrase and word study), very powerful and pointed.

1. Let us answer the question - 'What have i now done?' What has your prayers accomplished? What has your labors reaped? "i have not because I ask not"; 'I receive not, because I ask not'. "I ask, but receive not because I ask amiss'; Have I labored? have I wept? have I angonized? Have I taken on the heart of and mind of God for the things of His creation and His kingdom?

Two months into this year, what have you done? What are you doing today? Is it for you or Him?

2. Is there not a cause? You better believe there is! All hell has come out to destroy this nation. They are marching on the cities and taking home after home and life after life. And where is the church? where is those that are broken and burdened, not about their own backyard and their personal loved ones, but burdened about the masses of 330 million in the US; and 7 billion in the world. Is there not a cause to bow the knee every day, several times a day and beseech teh Lord God Almighty to change the hearts of those 9 justices? to throwback this assualt of Satan against marriage and the last fabric of our society? Don't you understand that if we don't prevail in this 'cause' that there will be no future for our children and grandchildren?

What does this cause move you to do? 'Let the priests weep between the posts and the altar of the temple, let them say, Spare Thy people, O Lord."

We are out of time. It is no longer decades to respond. It is no longer years to respond. WE are down to DAYS to respond and prevail. WE have wasted so much time and now it is upon us. There is no time to delay, but act starting today and everyday. Bowing repeatedly before the Lord and humbling yourself, praying, seeking His face and repenting of any work of evil that would quench, grieve, resist or limit the Holy ONe.

I shared this the last severeal days with so many that say there is no hope. Jeremiah the prophet was sent to Zedekiah right up to the last days of Jerusalem and Judah, saying: 'if you go out an humble yourself to the king of Babylon; you will spare your life, your famly and the city' But he would not, therefore his family was slain in front of him, his eyes put out, the city burned and temple destroyed. But see the mercy of God right up til the last minute HE was making a way. As long as there is breath there is hope.

What say you to these words, church?


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 Re: Sobering words from Dan Biser

You feel crushed at reading this.

Crushed, for having grieved a holy and righteous God, who is of purer eyes than to look upon evil, Habakkuk 1:13.

Crushed, because the churches could not care less about grieving the Holy Spirit, and are filled with apathy, materialism, entertainment and are bored with God.

Crushed, because we are not in agony at how man disdains God and His holy word.

Crushed, beyond words.

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